Imagine your home as a energy system, which generates electricity and heat, and also gains and loses it from the outside. Through the process of a professionally conducted energy audit, you can find out how efficiently your home uses energy and how you to increase that efficiency.
An energy audit is a complex process that analyzes every aspect of your home, from air sealing and insulation to the heat created from home appliances to your HVAC system. Trained technicians use the information gleaned from inspections, high tech equipment, and asking you detailed questions about your energy use to pinpoint where a home can improve its overall efficiency.
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What Occurs During an Energy Audit?

The steps in an audit will vary from home to home. The early questions the auditors will ask a homeowner will help guide the process so they know what to target. There are a number of standard procedures for most audits, however.
The blower door test is key to finding where a home loses and gains heat through air leaks. A blower door is a device that seals onto the front door of a home and uses fans to draw air from inside the home to alter the pressure. Air then rushes in through any leaky spots in the home, and the auditors can use smoke pencils to determine where the house has the biggest issues with heat loss and gain.
The auditors will then use thermographic inspection to measure the surface temperature of a home; this will catch other areas of thermal loss not connected to escaping air.
The auditor will then do more point-specific inspections on the ventilation system and the insulation. The examination will look for breaks and leaks along the vents, as well as buildup of contamination and dirt and other obstructions that will cause energy waste. They will evaluate the insulation levels and the condition of the insulation.
The HVAC system will receive special attention, since a large amount of energy in a home goes to running heating and cooling; if these systems are wasting energy, they will need repairs or replacement.
The power used to run the lights of a home account for 10% of the electrical bills, so an audit will also examine places where a house could lower costs through better and more efficient lighting. The auditors will also examine the other major appliances to see how they could improve energy use.
If you do a basic on-line search, you will find instructions for how to perform a bdo-it-yourself audit.b But these are insufficient, and you donbt need to take our word for it: the U.S. Department of Energy strongly recommends that you call professionals with the right equipment to do a complete job.
When you contact Comfort Central, Inc. to schedule and energy audit in Arden, NC, youbll receive a comprehensive examination to cover heating and cooling, air filtration/distribution, and the home heat envelope. When we are finished, youbll have the best idea what steps to take to make your home a model of energy efficiency.