A homebs crawlspace can help add needed ventilation to your home. However, if the crawlspace isnbt protected from certain elements, particularly moisture, it can become fertile ground for mold and mildew development, as well as a holding area for excess moisture. All of these things can contribute to poor indoor air quality and even produce damage to your crawl space in the form of rot. A great solution to reducing or even eliminating these issues is to hire the specialists from Comfort Central, Inc., to encapsulate your homebs crawlspace in Arden, NC.

Whatbs Involved?

Crawlspace encapsulation doesnbt involve encasing your crawlspace in concrete or anything that cuts off your crawlspace from you. Encapsulation involves creating a vapor barrier on the floor and walls of your crawlspace (including around joints and utility orB plumbing pipes) with a protective, durable plastic. Caulking is also used to seal off areas around joints and piping. The barrier fully covers the ground space of your crawlspace and reaches up the walls to the barrier of your first floor. The plastic is held in place with special foundation tape that creates a seal.

Why Should I Encapsulate My Crawlspace?

Many homeowners can lose a lot of energy through a crawlspace and not even realize it. Losing energy drives up the costs of your heating and cooling and adds extra wear and tear to your HVAC system. Another reason is to control the moisture level in your crawlspace and your home. Excess moisture can lead to all kinds of problems, as we mentioned above, and controlling the moisture in your crawlspace for the long-term is critical to the health of your home.
The indoor air quality specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., can help with all of your crawlspace encapsulation needs b just give us a call today!