A hybrid heating system, also known as a dual-fuel system, may be a great choice for you in Brevard, NC. But first, itbs important to understand how this system works and what benefits it can offer you. The heating specialists from Comfort Central, Inc., have provided a quick overview of both below.

The Best of Both Worlds

A hybrid heating system is one in which a heat pump is the main source of heat (as well as cooling), but you have a back-up gas furnace to provide you with extra heat should you need it during very cold weather. The reason some homeowners feel better with a hybrid system is that some heat pumps do not perform as well when the temperature drops below thirty-two degrees. This can leave your system strained and a decreased amount of heat coming into your home b but not with a hybrid system. With a hybrid system, your heat pump provides your home with heat until the outdoor temperature reaches a pre-set number, typically a few degrees above freezing. Once the temperature dips below the pre-set temperature, the gas furnace takes over heating your home until the outdoor temperature rises again.

What Benefits Can a Hybrid System Offer?

First, you get the benefit of owning a heat pump system, which can offer your home both heating and cooling with great energy efficiency. Second, youbll never have to worry about dealing with reduced heat from your heat pump during very cold weather because youbll have the gas furnace as back-up. Even with the gas furnace portion, youbll still save energy because youbll only be using the gas furnace when the temperature gets very cold, which isnbt all that common in our area.
If you think a hybrid heating system may be the right choice for your home in Brevard, call our professionals today!