What Is a High Velocity System?

Heat pumps are used in a number of different systems, as well as being stand-alone HVAC systems. One type of system in which heat pumps are utilized is the high velocity system. You donbt need to worry, you wonbt blow away with a high velocity system, but you may be bblown awayb by some of the options it offers you.

Flexible Ductwork

Traditional ductwork can be a source of tremendous air loss in many homes, but the bigger challenge is having ductwork to begin with. If you have an older home that needs a more efficient way of heating (and cooling), but have been told that the existing infrastructure canbt sustain normal ductwork, a high velocity system may be the perfect answer for you. This is because a high velocity system uses narrow, flexible tubing as ductwork. This material can be easily snaked through walls with minimal disruption and lasts for years while delivering all the warm or cool air you need.

Heat Pump Benefits

If you plan to use a high velocity system for heating, youbll need a heat pump to do so. This means youbll also get whole home cooling. Heat pumps use electricity to operate, so you wonbt need any kind of fossil fuel during the winter, and the amount of electricity the heat pump uses is about half that of a traditional air conditioner. Lastly, heat pumps have an average lifespan of about 25 years, making them very durable.

Easy Delivery of Air

Instead of using registers to deliver the air, small holes the same width as the flexible tubing (about 2b in diameter) are placed high up on your walls or on your ceiling. The air comes through very quickly, at 2,000 feet per second, forcing the warm air coming from the duct to mix with the cool air in your homebs living spaces. The result is an even, comfortable warmth.
If youbve been looking for a system that uses a heat pump but doesnbt use ductwork or ductless indoor blowers, a high velocity system may be the right choice for your home in Hendersonville. Call the pros at Comfort Central, Inc., today and see if this type of system is right for you!

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