You must have a quality air conditioning system installed in your home if you hope to cool it effective. You must alsoB have the right amount of cooling to make your home comfortable, though. The best way to know how much cooling your home needs is to work with an expert who can correctly calculate your homebs cooling load.

A Cooling What?

It goes by a few names, but the most common is a Manual J cooling load calculation. Why is this important? Every home needs a certain amount of cooling to be comfortable. This is not something that should be guessed at based only on square footage, as a number of factors will affect your homebs cooling. Some of these factors include the number of people in the home, the number of floors, the floor plan, the number and type of windows and doors, how much insulation the home has, etc. The reason these factors need to be a part of the calculation is that these entities can allow for heat transfer: heat transferB that can and will affect your cooling. When these factors are not included in the cooling load equation, you may not install an air conditioner big enough to properly and comfortably cool it.

Why Is Size Such an Issue?

Itbs pretty clear that an air conditioner that isnbt large enough would be a problem for any home, but it can seem counter-intuitive to think that an AC that is too big would be an issue. It is, for several reasons. First, an air conditioner that is too large will cool your home so quickly that the AC wonbt be able to properly dehumidify; this will leave your home feeling cool and clammy. Second, an AC that is too large can short-cycle, meaning that it constantly turns on and off. Short-cycling will put extensive wear and tear on your system, eventually leading to malfunction and breakdown.
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