Geothermal heating and cooling is a renewable technology that you can install at your home to reduce your overall impact on the environment and save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs over the years. While geothermal systems do use some electricity, this amount is minimal when compared to the amount of electricity used by conventional heating and cooling systems. Geothermal units rely on the stable temperature underground to start a thermodynamic reaction that brings warm or cool air into the home.
That means that a technician will need to do some digging. Just how much digging needs to be done will depend on the size of your property, among other factors. You will need to contact an expert, such as the friendly technicians at Comfort Central, Inc. to find out how much space youbll need for installation. Every home has different needs, but in general there are two ways to install the loop field through which water or refrigerant runs in order to help cool or heat a home: vertical or horizontal.
A vertical loop field is the most common type of installation for geothermal systems. Vertical installations take up less space than horizontal installations, as vertical installation involves digging deep holes rather than wide trenches. Horizontal installations take up a lot more room, as these are laid out only a few underground in a long loop configuration. However, if you have the space, this installation may be ideal despite the damage to your yard because it is usually less expensive. In any case, the loop field connects to the air handler which brings air through the ducts.
Your yard will certainly suffer some damage during geothermal installation. However, if you work with quality contractors, they will listen to your concerns and attempt to make the install using as little space as possible. The installer is largely responsible for deciding which area is most ideal for installation, but remember that you can have some input as well.
Geothermal energy is one of the most efficient ways to cool or heat a home. Call Comfort Central, Inc. to learn more about geothermal systems in Brevard.