The idea of installing a geothermal system can sometimes intimidate homeowners, who envision a sprawling project that shreds their property for weeks at a time and which may end up not being worth all the effort. Geothermal installation B-is a large taskbbut if you have quality professionals performing the job, youbll find that the work moves faster and with less disruption than you might think. And once it is all in place, we beieve youbll find the effort was worthwhile: geothermal heating and cooling is more efficient and cost-effective, not to mention long-lived, than other home comfort systems. The period of installation is only a blip compared to the many years of excellent and inexpensive comfort the geothermal system will provide.

Comfort Central, Inc. is here to answer your questions about installing geothermal systems in Arden, NC. We offer full services for geothermal heating and cooling, from installation to repairs and regular maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about how you can put the energy of the earth to work for your home.

What Happens During Geothermal Installation

The first part of installing a geothermal heat pump for a home is for the installers to look over the house and property and determine the amount of underground loops necessary and the best way to configure them so they will fit the available space. (There are two standard loop configurations, vertical and horizontal.)
The actual installation will start with putting in place the interior heat pump elements inside your house. This is no more difficult than any heat pump installation, and it should hook up to your existing ducts without difficulty.

After that the installers will begin to dig the trenches outside your home for the loops. As this goes on, the loop configurations will be designed along wooden frames and linked together. When the trenches are finished, the loops will go down along the trenches floors and fit down flat and snugly. The ends of the loops attach to an outdoor manifold that leads to the indoor components. The technicians place water into the system (or attach it to the municipal water supply if it is an open-loop geothermal system) and check to see there are no leaks. They then fill in the trenches and re-landscape them.

With the right installation company handling this work, it should go fast and provide only a short period with open trenches on your property. Remember, those buried loops should last for 50 years or more!

At Comfort Central, Inc., we recommend that homeowners look into the possibilities of geothermal installation as an alternative to older heating and cooling systems. If your home is in an ideal location for geothermal systems in Arden, NC, then choosing to install one may be one of the smartest decisions you ever make for long-term savings and comfort.