heat-pump-replacementThe title of this post is a bit of a trick question. There certainly may be water pooling around your air conditioning unit, and we definitely want to talk about the problems that could cause that issue and their solutions. Right off the bat, though, we do want to remind you that your air conditioner does not actually use water in the cooling process. There is no reservoir in the system that could spring a leak.
Again, this doesn't mean that you're not actually seeing water around your AC unit. It just means that it's not really the result of a water leak as you're thinking of it. If you notice water surrounding your air conditioner in Asheville, NC, you have every reason to be concerned. However, you may be surprised at how simple a fix your system is in for. Unfortunately, you may also be surprised with a pretty serious problem! We'll let you know for sure.

When Is the Last Time You Changed Your Air Filter?

That may sound like an odd question. How could a dirty air filter lead to a water leak, you may be wondering. Well, the answer is it couldn't. What it can lead to, though, is restricted airflow throughout your air conditioning system. And when that happens, the heat transfer process is inhibited in such a way that the coils in your air conditioner can actually freeze up. What exactly is freezing? The condensation that has collected on your coils.
While your water does not actually use water in the cooling process, condensation on the coils is a byproduct of that cooling process. When heat transfer is inhibited, the coils can get too cold. That causes the condensation to freeze. Then, when it melts, it can overwhelm the drainage assembly and wind up pooling around the unit. And while we're on the subject of that drainage assembly...

Check Your Drainage Assembly!

As indicated above, your air conditioner is going to collect condensation as it cools your home. And that condensation is going to need to be drained away from the system and out of your home. That is where your condensate drain pan and drain line come into play. These components are there specifically for this purpose.
Now, if your drain pan has corroded through, or if your drain line has a leak, that water is going to wind up all over the floor. This can lead to warped wood, mold growth, and other issues that you definitely don't want to invite into your home. Solving your problem may be as simple as re-aligning that pan!

Unfortunately, There's Always a Worst-Case Scenario

In this particular situation, that worst-case scenario is a refrigerant leak. If you do have a refrigerant leak, then you need to have it resolved as soon as possible. The longer that you wait, the worse off your system is going to be. A refrigerant leak, if left unchecked, can do irreparable damage to your system.
If your AC is freezing up and thawing, but the filter seems fine, then a refrigerant leak is a real possibility. Let us know the moment that you have any suspicions.

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