During the winter in North Carolina, youbll expect your heater to give you an even level of comfort throughout your home each time it comes on. Unless you have zone controls installed, where you can choose to shut off the heat in specific parts of the house, you should find the rooms in your home at similar levels of warmth.
But what if you discover strange cold spots while the heater is on? Some rooms might feel freezing cold, while others will stay toasty. Does this indicate the need for serious repair, or a warning that the heater is about to die?
First, donbt get too worriedbno matter the dilemma, a professional HVAC company should be able to fix the trouble. In Hendersonville, NC, heating repair specialists from Comfort Central will get you the service you need.
Another reason not to get worried: there may be simple explanations for the uneven heating. First, check your thermostat to make sure you have it set correctly. If it is placed too low, then the heat wonbt spread as evenly and it will leave some rooms icy. Then look over the room vents to see that they are open and unobstructed. If furniture has been shifted, it might be blocking the vents. Also consider the insulation in your home and the seals around doors and windows; without proper winterizing, heat will easily escape from some rooms.
If none of these scenarios are the problem, then you may have to consider professional attention for your heater. If you have ductwork to distribute hot air through your home, then the problem could be with the ducts. Breaks along the metal can cause heat to start escaping. If you have radiant baseboards installed, then breaks in the baseboard fins can cause some locations to receive less heat. For zone heating, the problem may stem from one or more malfunctioning thermostats.
Finally, it is possible that the wrong sized heater was installed initially. If this is the first time youbve used your heater since installation, uneven heating can point to a heater too small for your needs. In this case, youbll need to have a larger heater installed as a replacement.
It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of uneven heating in your home, considering the multitude of ways it can occur. After youbve exhausted the simple possibilities, you should call experts from an experienced company to come to your house to check for heat leaks and heating system malfunctions. Comfort Central can handle your Hendersonville, NC heating repair needs with our NATE-certified technicians.