One the major services that we provide for homes during the spring to help them prepare for the coming hot and humid weather is the installation whole-house dehumidifiers into HVAC systems. These dehumidifiers work in a way similar to a standard air conditioner: they use cold refrigerant run through a coil to absorb moisture from the air along with heat. However, to prevent dehumidifiers from interfering with the job of the air conditioners, they are designed to reheat the air after they have removed the excess moisture. With proper professional installation, a whole-house dehumidifier will create balanced relative humidity levels between 30% and 50%.

Why should a home have relative humidity between 30% and 50%?

During a summer in North Carolina, relative humidity frequently rises above 60%, which causes numerous problems for comfort, energy conservation, and health. Lowering the relative humidity below 50% helps prevent the following:

A professionally-installed dehumidifier will also prevent the humidity levels from dropping below 30%, which will lead to a new set of comfort and health problems because of air that is too dry.

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