The majority of homes rely on natural gas furnaces for comfort during winter. Although using natural gas in a house isnbt automatically dangerous, there always exists some risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. We want you to stay both warm and safe this winter with your furnace, so below are some tips for reducing dangers from carbon monoxide.

Install CO detectors

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and therefore difficult for humans to detect until it starts to cause negative health effects. Special detectors that register a rise in CO levels in a home are therefore an essential part of keeping safe. You can call our team to install carbon monoxide detectors in your house. Our technicians will wire up the ideal number of detectors in the right spots to ensure that you have the protection necessary. When a CO detector goes off, leave your home and call for assistance right away.

Make sure the furnace receives its annual inspection

A gas furnace needs to have a professional inspection and tune-up before the cold weather of winter arrivesband it needs it every year. If you sign up for our maintenance program, webll send out a technician to give your furnace a close inspection that will uncover places where carbon monoxide might escape. This is not only a great binsurance policyb against safety issues with the furnace, it also will help the furnace run without abrupt breakdowns that will jeopardize comfort.

Call for furnace repairs immediately

As soon as your furnace shows any signs that itbs struggling, or if it makes odd noises or emits burning smells, call our repair team! Allowing a gas furnace to keep running when itbs malfunctioning creates a much higher risk of a CO leakbnot to mention the risk that the furnace will stop working and leave you and your family trapped in the cold.

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