Although the official end of summer is in the second half of September, as soon as you turn over the calendar page from August to September, youbre officially entering the bcoolerb part of the year. The hot weather may linger for a while longer, but itbs time to plan for the change in the climate. And the best step to take to make sure that your home is ready for the fall cooling and the winter cold is to arrange for professional maintenance for your heating system.

Heating Maintenance Pays You Back in Many Ways

Too many people believe that paying money for an annual maintenance program isnbt a good use of funds. But paying for a maintenance program is one of the best investments you can make in saving money over the long term. The U.S. Department of Energy has done studies on heating systems to see the difference in performance between heaters that receive annual maintenance and those that donbt. The results are impressive: the systems that have annual maintenance cost $33 less a month to run compared to those without maintenance. When you sign up for a professional maintenance program, youbre also receiving annual visits for your AC, which means savings all throughout the year.
There are two other important ways that regular maintenance pays you back:

Itbs easy to start with professional maintenance. You only have to call us and ask about our residential maintenance program, the Comfort Central Comfort Club. Along with AC and heater maintenance, youbll receive other benefits as well.

Call Comfort Central, Inc. for more details about our Comfort Club. We serve Hendersonville, NC and the rest of Northern Carolina.