Air conditioning in Hendersonville and other nearby towns used to be a very one-note affair. Each system was more or less the same and you didnbt have a lot of options as to which one you chose. Thatbs much different these days. Air conditioners come in a wide variety of styles and systems, allowing you to find the one that works best for your particular circumstances. In particular, the qualities of reverse cycle chillers offer intriguing options that could be perfect for your needs. Theybre a type of heat pump b a system that provides both heating and air conditioning in one unit b that features a unique way of conditioning the air in your home or place of business.

Chillers are essentially air-source heat pumps, which facilitate a heat exchange with the surrounding air: pulling heat from it or venting heat into it to help with the cooling cycle. Chillers differ from other types of heat pumps because they are sized to handle the heating load rather than the cooling load. Furthermore, they donb directly heat or cool the air the way normal heat pumps do. Instead, they heat or cool the water in a nearby tank, which will then heat or cool the air to be circulated in your home.

Reverse cycle chillers work well because they are extremely inexpensive to operate, and their durability means that they can last a long time. Theybre also modular, which means that you can add more units as your needs increase b a particular concern for businesses and those operating commercial space b and because they largely rely on electricity for power, you can connect them to your existing power grid with few difficulties.

The qualities of reverse cycle chillers donbt make them a universal cure-all, but they can be quite attractive for those in the right circumstances. And the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. can help. We offer all kinds of air conditioning services in Hendersonville, including reverse cycle chillers, and webd be happy to help you plan for and install the system that works best for you. Give us a call today to make an appointment. Youbll be glad you did!