gas-burnersWebre coming to the end of theB heating season pretty soon. Before too long, youbre going to be using your air conditioner on a regular basis to keep your home comfortable. This may seem like an odd time to think about it, but now is actually a perfect time to consider replacing your heating system. If your current heater canbt get you through another cold season, itbs better to replace it now than to wait until right before you need it. Take a look at the following signs that you should replace your heating system before next winter.

High Heating Bills

If your heater is costing you quite a bit to operate on a monthly basis, even if youbre not using it that often, it could mean that the system is getting close to the end of its life. The older the system gets, the more wear and tear it will accumulate over time. This will cause the system to lose efficiency, and have to operate for longer in order to achieve the same temperature changes. These longer operating times are what contribute to higher monthly bills. Unfortunately, if this is the cause of your high heating bills the only solution is to install a new system.

Frequent Breakdowns

Every once in a while, youbre going to need to repair your heater. Heaters break down from time to time, regardless of which type youbre using or how often you schedule maintenance. It is to be expected. But, you should go ahead and call a professional if you notice that your heater is breaking down multiple times a year. That frequency of repair issues is indicative of the system being on its last legs. The wear and tear on the various parts of the heater is causing them to fail in groups, and it will only get worse as the system gets older. Itbs far more cost-effective to install an entirely new system than to keep repairing one that is breaking this often.

Old Age

If you take the best possible care of your heating system, you can expect it to last between 10 and 20 years. This will vary depending on individual circumstances, as well as the kind of heater youbre using. Once a heater gets past that age bracket, though, it will begin to develop all kinds of issues like those listed above. It will become more and more costly to keep the system up and running, as it breaks down more often and the parts it needs go out of production. If your heater is older than a couple of decades, you should consult with a professional about whether or not now is the time for a new system.

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