Doctor:B bThen donbt do that.b
Unfortunately, we do have to open our utility billsb&OUCH! And I am afraid there is no magic pill on the market to miraculously cure Comfort Delivery Problem #2: The Duct System is Restricting Air Flow. But we do have a prescription, guaranteed to cure the disease and alleviate some of the pain of opening your utility bill each month.
But just like a doctor we do need to run some tests to best prescribe your treatment plan. Afterall, bprescription without diagnosis is malpractice.b
First we will measure your lung capacity. Just kidding. We will measure total system airflow. There are several tools in our tool bag we utilize to do this. One you may be familiar withbthe Magnahelic and Flow Hood. The other is the Duct Blaster mentioned in earlier blog.
We will also measure your systembs bblood pressurebbor its static pressure. At this time we will also visually inspect your duct system for restrictions.
So what is the Solution to Comfort Delivery Problem #2?

When a properly sized, designed renovations are installed (properly sealed and insulated of course.) Retest final system airflow, and test for proper airflow balance to each room in the house.
bSo Laurie, We are only up to Comfort Delivery Problem #2bare you saying it may not be my equipment but my ductwork making me uncomfortable, increasing my utility bills, creating repairs to my heating and cooling systems?b Very much so. Please give us a call if you would like to know more. But remember we have Three More Common Comfort Delivery Problems to go.