Most people are familiar with the basic operational sounds of whole home air conditioning. At most, you should hear the fan and maybe a low-level bwhhrrrb kind of sound coming from the outdoor unit. Indoors, you may hear the sound of the air moving through the vents as the cool air travels into your home. Whole home AC systems are designed to be quiet, as loud operational noise is a deterrent from using them. As such, if you start to hear sounds beyond the ones described above, itbs time to call your Comfort Central, Inc., technician for help.

Making Sense of the Noise

While you should always leave your AC repair to a specialist, it is good to have a basic understanding of what strange noises can mean when you hear them coming from your air conditioning system:

Odd sounds are one of the main ways your AC system communicates that a problem or problems has developed. Hearing something strange? Give us a call and schedule an appointment for your home in Fletcher, NC.