We can get pretty humid during the summer months here in Arden, NC, but during the winter months, it seems as if all that moisture disappears, particularly inside. A lack of moisture inside the home isnbt just uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy and potentially damaging to wood products, including flooring and furniture. What can you do it about it? Call the indoor air quality professionals at Comfort Central, Inc., and see if a whole home humidifier is right for you.

Moisture Matters

According to the EPA, balanced humidity is considered to be in the range of 30%-55%. Humidity levels above or below this range will cause problems. Low humidity, coupled with warm air from your heating system, can create an indoor atmosphere where your eyes, nose, skin, and throat dry out, static electricity is rampant, and your wood products splinter and crack. You may think that adding one or two individual humidifiers will help, but that is akin to adding a bucket of water to an empty pool b itbs just not enough. Going the whole home route is really the better and smarter option.

Why Is Whole Home Better?

The reason a whole home humidifier is the better and smarter option for properly moisturizing the air in your home is because it works at the source: your HVAC system. Using steam or a cool mist, a whole home humidifier adds moisture to your heated air just before it is delivered to your homebs living spaces. The humidifier becomes part of your existing HVAC system, and works in concert with the heating cycles as well as on its own. As the homeowner, you control the humidity level simply by setting the humidistat on your homebs thermostat b the humidifier does the rest.
Therebs no need to suffer through another winter of dry, itchy skin and sore throats. Call our pros today and see how a whole house humidifier can help you.