Itbs getting closer and closer to winterbThanksgiving just ended and you probably canbt ignore the mass of holiday decorations everywhere. If you havenbt yet arranged to have your home heating system professionally inspected and tuned-up, right now is the last stretch of time to get it done before the serious cold arrives.
And yes, your heating system must have maintenance annually! Itbs one of the biggest misunderstandings people have about HVAC systems, that they donbt need regular maintenance.

bBut I use a heat pump, and it was maintained in spring.b

This is another misconception that homeowners have about their heating and cooling, which is that heat pumps only need maintenance once a year.
bItbs a single system, so why should it need maintenance more often than once a year? A furnace only needs maintenance once annually. Same with an air conditioner.b
Herebs the flaw in that thinking: a heat pump works as both a heating and air conditioning system. It needs to have maintenance for each of those functions. A furnace doesnbt need to work all throughout the year, nor does an air conditioner. But a heat pump does need to work most months of the year, and since it uses the same set of components to handle both heating and cooling, it undergoes enough stress to require maintenance before the start of both summer and winter.
It is especially important that your heat pump is tuned-up for winter, since heat pumps are at risk of losing their efficiency in extremely cold weather. Only with service to clean the unit, check on refrigerant levels, and see that the defrost cycle and reversing valve are working right can you feel confident that your heat pump will work well through the coming season.

To schedule maintenance for your heat pump, or any heating system that you use, call on Comfort Central, Inc. and ask about our residential maintenance program. We serve Brevard, NC and throughout Western North Carolina.