The official starting of spring doesnbt necessarily mean the beginning of permanent warm weather until the fall. But itbs a reminder that the hot weather is not much farther away and itbs time to get your house ready for the increase in heat. The best step you can take to see that your house is ready for spring and summer warmth is to schedule your ACbs annual maintenance visit from an HVAC professional.

What does maintenance do for an air conditioner?

Maintenance is like an engine tune-up for a vehicle. Itbs designed to remove as much stress as possible so that the AC can run at its best over the season. And, just like vehicle engine maintenance, air conditioning maintenance will check to see if there are places where replacements or repairs are necessary to get the system into peak shape with the least likelihood of a breakdown.
During air conditioner maintenance, a technician will look over all the major components of the AC. This extends to the thermostat as well, which the technician will check on to see that itbs properly calibrated and reading the correct temperatures. The technician will check on the refrigerant levels and measure the pressure in the system, remove and clean the condensate pan and drain, clean the indoor and outdoor coils if necessary, check amperage, tighten any loose connections, and oil and lubricate the motors that may need it.
If the technician notices anything that requires repairs, youbll receive a full breakdown on whatbs wrong and how to have it fixed. The technician will be able to arrange with you for the necessary repair work. (This is one of the reasons that itbs wise to have maintenance done as early in spring as possible, since it gives you time to have the fixes made before the heat waves start.)

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