We know: you donbt want to think about it. We donbt blame you as we donbt want to think about it, either! But alas, the autumn equinox is here, and it wonbt be long before you are turning on your heating system to get the morning chill out of your home, and soon it will be more. However, no one wants to think about turning on the heat only to hear a strange sound, get a whiff of a strange odor, or not get the heat needed. The best way to avoid any of these scenarios is to schedule heating maintenance and therebs no better time to do it than now.

Canbt I Just Change the Air Filter?

Making sure you have a clean air filter going into the colder months is important, and something that should be occurring every 3 months, but maintenance involves much more than just changing your systembs air filter. When our professionals arrive at your home to perform maintenance on your heating system, they are prepared to perform a full tune-up on your system. Tasks that will be performed include:

If any major issues are discovered during the maintenance appointment, youbll be made aware of the issue so you can address them in a timely manner before your heater has to start operating full-time.
The heating professionals at Comfort Central, Inc., are always available for a maintenance appointment, and now is the best time of year to schedule one for your home in Brevard, NC. Call us today!