Especially in the heat of summer. YUM! But, I have to say, I would not try to drink one with a crazy straw, or one with a straw not wide enough. Yep, that straw analogy again, and it makes sense right? Would you go scuba diving with a kink in your air hose (you will have to tell me, I have not had the opportunity to try, but I would probably put that on my equipment safety check before going into the depths.) Well Comfort Delivery Problem #2: The Duct System is restricting air flow relates just to that.
Here is what we know:

The main causes of low airflow include:

What you may not realize, is that Restricted Air Flow can lead to

bDid you just say Premature equipment failure?b How can air, that is as light as air, do that? Well letbs revisit the straw analogy and the smoothie. Air, still has velocity, viscosity and mass right? So yes, when you put barriers and restrictions on it, the equipment has to work especially hard to Push and Pull it. Think about a heart pumping blood through our veins and arteries, when they become restricted or less pliable, heart problems result, and the whole body suffers.
This is why I didnbt want you to rush out and seal your ductwork, airflow rates should always be tested and verified by a qualified technician. I hate to say this, but those air leaks could very well be taking the bcrazyb out of the crazy straw. In other words, the air leaks are giving the system what it needs to work. Again, a health care analogy: usually when we have heart problems, our lungs work harder to bring in more oxygenated air to compensate. In addition, checking to see that each room in the house is getting the correct amount of airflow is an important part.
In our next blog, we will visit the Comfort Solution for Comfort Delivery Problem #2. Again, please do not hesitate to contact us or to schedule an evaluation by clicking here.