hand-setting-thermostatHumidity is often treated as a kind of modifier to whether a warm day is miserable or extra miserable. How many times in your life have you heard some variation of the phrase bat least itbs a dry heat?b Yeah, we hate it too. The subject of humidity is a little more complicated than that, though. Humidity imbalances can actually cause a number of negative effects if they go unchecked. Letbs take a look at what can happen if the humidity levels in your home are allowed to get out of control, and what you can do to keep them balanced.

High Humidity

First, letbs deal with the humidity issue that you likely have the most experience with. Chronically high humidity has a number of effects. Most notably, it makes it harder for your body to regulate its temperature. The more moisture is in the air, the higher the evaporation point becomes for liquids. This includes your sweat, which means that it takes your body sweating for a longer period of time before it starts to cool off. Thatbs why hot and humid days feel even worse than hot dry ones. Thatbs not the only effect high humidity has, though.
Inside your home, high humidity can also cause health issues by boosting mold growth. Only two major environmental factors are required for mold to prosper: humidity and darkness. The higher the humidity levels in your home, the more likely it will be for mold to grow in places like under your sink or inside your walls. Inhaling mold spores can range from annoying to potentially life-threatening, depending on the kind of mold. So, itbs best to make sure that you donbt have rampant high humidity to avoid the issue entirely. Install a whole house dehumidifier to help keep chronically high humidity levels low.

Low Humidity

Complaints about low humidity arenbt nearly as common as those for high humidity. That doesnbt mean that having chronically low humidity is any better, though. Low humidity can cause a range of issues by sapping the moisture from things that should remain, well, moist. The wood that makes up much of your home, for example, does best when it retains a certain level of moisture. The same goes for the wooden furniture that you use. Chronically low humidity will sap the moisture from these things, making them brittle and more easily damaged. It will also cause your skin to dry out and crack, making you more susceptible to infection.
If youbre having problems with your air being low in humidity, consider having a professional install a whole house humidifier for you. Proper humidification should keep things at just the right humidity level without tipping over into uncomfortable territory. Contact a professional to find which humidifier is best for your needs.

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