AC-techWait a second, some homeowners seem to think, they want me to spend money servicing my air conditioner when there is nothing wrong with it! What a scam! Let us make this totally clear an AC service claiming that they have a 100% reliable, maintenance-free air conditioner to sell you is a scam. An honest, trusted company like us telling you that regular air conditioning maintenance in Asheville, NC, is a necessity definitely is not. AC maintenance is a must-do service.
Not only is air conditioning maintenance absolutely necessary, but it saves you money, too. No, it's not free. But the cost savings allowed by routine maintenance will far outweigh the relatively minor cost of having your air conditioner tuned up on an annual basis. Not convinced? Well, keep reading to learn more about the different ways in which professional air conditioning maintenance can save you money. We think you'll agree that it is one worthwhile investment and one we excel at!

Routine Maintenance Means Better Energy Efficiency

If you stick to an exercise regimen of any kind, even if it's not all that rigorous, then you are probably going to be able to run a mile quicker than someone that almost never exercises, right? We don't know why you'd find yourself in such a footrace all of a sudden, but it makes sense, doesn't it? An individual that never puts in the effort to stay in shape is going to have a pretty tough time running that mile. Even if they get it done, they'll probably do it slower than their opponent and will be feeling the effects a lot more.
The same is true of an air conditioner that's been properly maintained vs. one that hasn't. Is an unmaintained air conditioner going to fail to cool your home entirely? No, not necessarily. But it certainly won't do so as efficiently as one that is well-maintained. It will use more energy in doing so, and will probably not offer the same performance quality. So not only are you paying more to cool your home, but you're getting a lesser performance in return.

Routine Maintenance Means Better Reliability

What's worse than paying too much for too little cooling output? Doing that, then having to pay for repairs on top of it all! Now, to be clear, even the best-maintained HVAC systems will need repairs from time to time. There is no getting around that. But regular maintenance will absolutely make these repair needs as few and far between as possible. Something will go wrong eventually, but nothing compared to pushing your luck with a poorly maintained system.
Keep in mind that the cost of frequent repairs is not just monetary. Yes, repairs are going to add up to a lot more than routine maintenance would have. However, you're also looking at the cost of discomfort. Even when you get our team on the job fast, you are still going to be without your AC until the problem is resolved. And your system is likely going to give out on you just when you need it most, leaving you at the mercy of a hot, humid day!

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