People today hear a lot about preventative care in many arenas: our own healthcare, our cars and our homes. A big part of preventative care for your home is scheduling annual heating maintenance. Contrary to certain perceptions, an annual maintenance visit for your heating system isnbt a quick inspection; itbs a comprehensive appointment that features a number of tasks that add up to a full tune-up for your heating system. If youbve been looking for a way to help reduce the incidence of repair your heating system may develop, call the professionals at Comfort Central, Inc. today in Asheville and schedule a maintenance appointment.

Ways Heating Maintenance Helps Prevent Repair

There are a number of benefits heating maintenance can provide for you and your home, but one of the most important is helping to prevent repair. Here are some of the ways maintenance achieves this:
Cleaning and Adjusting
Your heating system is a mechanical device, and like most mechanical devices, there are a number of parts and components that help the system do its job. To do the job optimally, these parts need to be clean and positioned correctly, and there are three culprits that can inhibit the components at any time: dirt, dust and wear. How? Dirt and dust coat everything, creating a layer of filth that interferes with operation; wear and tear can cause components to tire or even shift position, requiring an adjustment. During a regular maintenance appointment, the technician will clean and adjust all the components of your system so that they work as they should.
All the moving parts of your heating system need lubrication in order to move freely; without proper lubrication, they can grind, which is very bad for the component. Lubrication can get gunked up with dirt and dust, or just simply wear off from usage; during a maintenance appointment, lubrication is applied to all the moving parts, so you wonbt have to worry about these kinds of problems.
Before any work is started during a maintenance appointment, your technician will thoroughly inspect your entire system. This inspection allows the technician to detect any existing or developing problems. If the problems are small in nature, they may be remedied during the appointment; if the problem(s) requires a full appointment, youbll be notified.
If youbve been looking for a way to reduce heating repair for your heating system, schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance today with our HVAC team in Asheville!