Air conditioning repair in Asheville and other North Carolina cities must often handle issues stemming from excessive moisture and humidity. We get our share of humid days in the summer, which affects your household comfort levels severely. That in turn puts added strain on your air conditioner, and while most units can help dehumidify the air, excessive moisture and humidity can turn around and bite you if you arenbt careful. Herebs how moisture causes problems with your air conditioner.
Humidity refers to the comparative amount of moisture in the air, which can affect our bodiesb ability to regulate our internal temperature. When we get too hot, we sweat, which cools our body down as it evaporates off of our skin. But if therebs too much moisture in the air already, it wonbt evaporate the way it should. Our bodies stay hot, and webre left with excessive amounts of sweat on our skin to boot.
Air conditioners can deal with that problem to a certain extent. When temperature drops, the moisture in the air condenses into beads of liquid. (You can see this most readily with the formation of dew early in the morning, when outdoor temperatures are at their lowest.) The same things happen on the coils to the air conditioner as it cools the air: pulling humidity out of your home in the process.
Thatbs actually a good thing. However, the energy spent in reducing the humidity isnbt spent in actually lowering the temperature. In order to help you feel comfortable, the A/C unit needs to work harder to do its job, which means increased strain and a greater risk of repairs.
In the worst cases, the increased moisture can cause direct problems in your air conditioner, ice forms on the coils and/or your condensate pan takes on too much condensation for it to manage. In those situations, and for other issues that require air conditioning service in Asheville, you can call on the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. We can advise you on the best methods of dealing with humidity and moisture in your home, then implement the solution with professionalism and pride! Call us today to schedule your next service appointment.