We could tell you about how much money you can potentially save every month when you install a geothermal heat pump for home heating and air conditioning, but recent studies show that many homeowners are more concerned about the environment when it comes to alternative energy sources than they are about money. Of course, itbs useful to know that you may save 30-80% of monthly heating and cooling costs and that most geothermal systems should run into very few costly repairs over the course of their lifespan. And you may be interested to hear that government incentives often offer a return on your initial investment. But today, for those of us who are especially environmentally conscious, webre going to look at how these systems benefit the earth.
Whether youbre most concerned about the environment, monthly bills, or the noise level of your AC and heating system, geothermal may be right for you. Call Comfort Central, Inc. for more information on installing geothermal systems in Waynesville.

How Geothermal Heat Pumps Save Energy

Geothermal systems benefit the environment because geothermal energy requires no burning of fossil fuels and very little energy from the utility company. Geothermal energy has been put to use in a few different ways, but one of the most popular purposes is for heating and cooling homes or businesses. The reliable warmth from just below the surface of the earth is brought into the home via an underground loop system and a liquid such as water or refrigerant. In the summer, heat is transferred out of the home and deposited back into the cooler ground.
Moving heat from place to place is far safer and more efficient than generating heat, like a furnace, electric heater, or boiler must do. In heating mode, environmental impact is cut back because CO2 and other combustion gases do not make it back into the air. In either heating or air conditioning mode, the system uses very little energy. While it will need some energy to pump refrigerant from place to place, the amount used is significantly less than with a traditional air conditioner or furnace.
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