We are in that time of year when itbs perfect to open the windows and let the warm breezes of spring in. Of course, not far behind this weather is the hot and humid air of summer, and when that hits, webll be closing our windows again to keep cool and comfortable while indoors. If you are like a lot of homeowners, youbve made your home in Asheville, NC, as air-tight as possible, with insulated windows and doors good insulation throughout your home. While being air-tight is great for your energy efficiency and maintaining the indoor temperatures you want, it can be hard on ventilation. What if we told you there is a device we can add seamlessly to your HVAC system that not only greatly improves your indoor ventilation, but that also improves your energy efficiency? There is, and itbs called an energy recovery ventilator, also known as an ERV.

What It Does

An ERV does two things at once: it expels your stale indoor air and applies its thermal energy to the drawn-in, incoming fresh air. For instance, during the summer months, the ERV vents your stale, indoor air, but as this air is expelled, it pre-treats the incoming fresh, warm air by cooling and dehumidifying it. In the winter, the opposite happens: the ERV expels the warm, stale air, but pre-treats the cool, dry, incoming air with heat and moisture. The key is the heat exchanger at the core of the device. The heat exchanger allows the thermal energy and moisture balance to occur, with minimal crossing of the air streams. The ERV is also equipped with an air filter to clean the air as it passes through.

Benefits of an ERV

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