The ideal indoor air qualityB would mean that your home is virtually free of pollutants such as second-hand smoke and allergens. In Asheville, NC, air conditioning is already a fact of life: we couldnbt get through those summer heat waves and humidity without it. In addition to keeping you cool, an air conditioning system has a significant impact on overall indoor air quality.
In the most obvious terms, the air filters on your AC improve air quality simply by preventing dust and other particles from entering the system. When it comes time to change your filters, look for one with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) of between 9 and 12. A higher MERV rating means a more efficient filter, straining more particles out of the air than a filter with a lower MERV rating. However, if the rating is higher than 12, it may create problems with the air flow in your system. B You may also be able to upgrade your air conditioning unit with a UV light, which kills germs and other harmful entities as the air passes through it.
A well-maintained duct system without any leaks can further improve air quality. Ducts can develop cracks and leaks through normal wear and tear, and that can let contaminants into your home. Dust can also build up as well, and in your AC unit, specific components like the condensate pan can create stagnant water if the drain becomes clogged. All of which can have a huge impact on air quality, especially during hot and muggy periods in the summer, when moisture content in the air is high.
The effectiveness of your air conditioning also depends on internal factors within the household. If someone in the house is a smoker or if you have pets, the AC is going to need to work harder to maintain high levels of air quality. Even if you donbt have such concerns, it pays to speak with a qualified expert about using your AC to improve indoor air quality. Comfort Central, Inc. has provided expert air conditioning services in Asheville, NCB and surrounding communities. Call us today; webll be happy to discuss options for improving your indoor air quality.