Like most homeowners, you want to get the most from your whole house air conditioning system. But you may be fighting air loss that you canbt see or locate, making it difficult to cool your home as you want and still stay energy efficient. When you schedule a home energy audit with one of the professionals from Comfort Central, Inc., your indoor air quality specialist will be able to pinpoint the exact areas where you are losing energy and provide recommendations on how to remedy them. How? Through a series of tests and a thorough analysis webll explain more about below.

Overview of a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit consists of different types of tests and an analysis of your energy bills. All of these parts of the audit serve to create an overall picture of your energy usage, and the tests provide specific information about where and how you may be losing energy in your home:

How Does This Help?

When you receive the final report from your technician regarding your home energy audit, youbll have several tools at your disposal to increase the air-tightness of your home, which directly helps your cooling. First, youbll be supplied with a full analysis of how much money you are spending annually on utility bills; second, youbll be given the results of the various tests performed and the findings from these tests; third, youbll be given a list of recommendations to resolve any problems that were discovered during the audit process. This comprehensive package will show you how to reduce energy loss and maintain your cooling (and heating) throughout the year.
Call the professionals at Comfort Central, Inc., today and see what a home energy audit can do for your home in Asheville, NC.