Heat pumps are one of the best types of home comfort systems for the North Carolina climate: they deliver powerful air conditioning for the hot and humid summers, and then switch over into energy-efficient heater for the winters.
Itbs the middle of summer right now, and webre experiencing many days with highs of 90B0F or more. Your heat pump will already be settled into its cooling mode, blowing out chilled air for your familybs comfort. But what happens when you notice that the heat pump is sending out lukewarm airbor worse, hot air? It might be a minor issuebor it could be a malfunction that will require professionals to fix.

Check the thermostat

Before you do anything else about the heat pump, check the thermostat settings. Itbs possible that someone accidentally switched the heat pump over into heating mode, or misprogrammed it. If the thermostat doesnbt seem to be responding, than the trouble is probably a lost connection between the thermostat and the reversing valve in the heat pump, which means the thermostat canbt change the heat pump back to cooling mode. This latter problem requires the work of HVAC professionals to repair.

Broken reversing valve

This is the most likely reason for a heat pump that becomes stuck in the wrong mode. The valve is what controls whether the heat pump is working as an air conditioner or heater. This is what technicians will check on first when looking into a malfunctioning heat pump. If the valve is the problem, they can either repair or replace it to restore the system.

Loss of refrigerant

If the heat pump is blowing out room temperature air, itbs possible that the system is losing refrigerant to leaks. This will reduce its ability to work well either as a heater or air conditioner. You canbt put in more refrigerant yourself! It takes trained professionals to first seal the refrigerant leaks and then recharge the system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant.

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