Faulty ductwork compromises your comfort, decreases your homebs energy efficiency and reduces the quality of your indoor air. While many homeowners may think this means that your ductwork needs replacing, this may not necessarily be true. If the ductwork isnbt too damaged, therebs an excellent chance you can regain the efficiency and better function of your ductwork system via professional duct sealing services. The indoor air quality specialists from Comfort Central, Inc., offer duct sealing services in Fletcher, NC and the surrounding areas. Let us see if duct sealing will help you and your duct system. Call at the first sign of trouble with your ductwork.

What Is It?

Duct sealing doesnbt involve duct tape. A duct seal is an actual seal that covers holes and cracks and also binds together the ends of disconnected ductwork. The seal is created from mastic, a fibrous paste-like substance. Once your technician assesses all the problem areas of your ductwork, he/she will brush mastic onto those areas, place a piece of fiber glass or foil tape over it and allow it to cure (harden). The seal created is durable yet flexible so that it expands and contracts along with your ductwork. For ends that have become disconnected, mastic is applied to both ends, the ends are joined and wrapped with metal binding. The binding is secured with sheet metal nails and the mastic is left to cure.

Why Canbt I Use Duct Tape?

While the word bductb may be part of bduct tape,b duct tape is actually a very poor choice with which to seal ductwork. Not only will it fall apart within a matter of weeks, the broken-down glue will stick to everything, making an even bigger mess of a problematic area. Your best solution is to call our experts and schedule duct sealing for your home in Fletcher.