techs-ACNorth Carolina is not a place where a great performance from your air conditioner is optional. When the heat and humidity of our summer season hit, they hit hard. Your air conditioner is the only thing standing between you andB major discomfort for a good chunk of the year. You cannot take any chances with its integrity or overall performance quality. Follow the tips laid out in this blog post, and you won’t have to.
Keep in mind that we’re going to cover a few items you can handle on your own in this post. That doesB notB mean that you don’t have to work with skilled, trained professionals when the task at hand is beyond the scope of what an amateur can handle. In most cases, and certainly, when it comes down to air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC, you’re going to need to schedule professional AC services. When you do, ours is the number to call.

Give Your System a Quick Visual Inspection Regularly

This does not have to be anything thorough or painstaking in detail. We realize that you are not a professional AC technician. However, you may not be as clueless about potential problems as you think. Giving your system a visual inspect is a great way to spot potential issues early on and to ensure a great performance.
Look for ice developing on your system, for instance, as this could indicate a refrigerant leak. Look for excessive rust on the unit, or condenser fins bent flat. Look for damage to exposed wiring or items that have dropped into the fan through the cover. All of this can result in the early intervention of problems that could otherwise cause big trouble.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly, too

Yes, really. Put it on your wall calendar. Schedule a reminder on your phone. Do whatever it takes to ensure that you remember to change your air filter at least as regularly as suggested by the manufacturer. Also understand that a lot of other factors, like pets in the home, overall cleanliness, etc., could influence how frequently this change needs to happen.
If your air filter is clogged up and you don’t change it, you are actively working against your air conditioner and against your own best interests. It increases airflow resistance in the system, making it more difficult for your air conditioner to distribute air throughout your home. That increases energy consumption while also putting unnecessary wear and tear on the system. It can also lead to issues with icing, further impeding the heat removal process.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

This is where the need for trained professionals really starts to enter the equation. If you want to get the most fromB any air conditioner, then it is necessary that you schedule annual maintenance with a qualified professional. This is a thorough process that no amateur can handle on his or her own.

Our Comfort Central Comfort Club is the perfect way to make the most of your maintenance experience. Contact us today and get the performance that you need from your air conditioner!