FurnaceBefore you ask, no, itbs probably not because itbs lost the inspiration to heat. Or because itbs mad at you. Or because itbs experiencing burnout. Well, maybe actual burnout in some capacity. Certainly not emotional, though.
Anyway, a furnace that wonbt heat is one of the more irritating issues to deal with at home during the winter season. There are a lot of different reasons why your furnace may not be heating properly, some of which webve listed below.

It Isnbt Set Properly

A rather embarrassing number of calls to fix heating systems across the country end up being the result of a thermostat that just isnbt set properly. Either someone else in the house changed the setting without informing the others, or the sole occupant changed it a while back and forgot about it. Either way, before you call for professional repairs, itbs a good idea to have a look at the thermostat just to make sure that itbs actually functioning properly.

Clogged Air Filter

Another really common cause of drops in furnace heating output. Furnaces have air filters in them to protect against the dust and other contaminants that are commonly found in the ductwork of a home. It does this job well, but the contaminants that it collects stick with it. If the filter isnbt changed every three months or so, it will eventually become so clogged that it will block most of the air in the ducts from flowing into the furnace. No air moving into the furnace means no way for the system to distribute heat throughout the home. Make sure that either you or a professional contractor you trust changes the furnace filter every few months to prevent this from happening.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is what happens when your furnace turns itself off without completing a full heating cycle. It is often characterized by the system turning itself on and off every few minutes. The immediate effect of short cycling is to cripple your furnacebs ability to properly heat the home. The system was designed to operate in heating cycles, and shorter cycles means the system isnbt able to reach its full potential.
The second issue with short cycling, though, is that it causes the furnace to wear down a lot faster than it normally does. This will increase the systembs chances of developing other issues, and shortens its overall lifespan. Make sure that you call your technician if you notice your furnace doing this. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing your furnace a few years early.

Duct Leaks

Your ducts are part of your furnace system, too, and they happen to have a significant impact on how the system performs. Duct leaks are responsible for output loses of up to 30% in the average centralized forced air heating system. If your furnace seems to be losing some of its heating output, it might be that you need to have your ducts patched up.

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