Do we really need the fanfare? What are the Five Most Common Problems keeping your heating and cooling system from Delivering Comfort?
See now I have a quandary. Once I list them, will you bear with me a little longer so I can dive into them in more detail one by one? Or do I address one by one and let you compile them in a list? Being an bI like to see the whole pictureb type person so I can appreciate the differing parts, you are just going to have to accept I want you know. (Okay, a little secret, I do not know who to attribute this saying too, but it better fits me: I do not see the glass as B= to empty, nor do I see it as B= full. I see it as being B= too big that I even question where 1/2 would even exist.)
So, (and cross my fingers) I do hope you continue to take this discussion further with me, so you have a chance to see the whole as I do. And I hope you ask me questions along the wayb&this is really good stuff.

  1. The Duct System has Large Air Leaks
  2. The Duct System is Restricting Airflow
  3. The Wrong Sized Heating and Cooling Equipment was installed
  4. The Heating and Cooling Equipment was installed incorrectly
  5. The House has Large Hidden Air Leaks which Create Hot or Cold Rooms

There are some surprise endings, so let us look forward and continue the bRoad Trip!bb&I will even lend you the keys to my First Car so we can make this journey truly memorable from the lessons we learn.