ductless-blowerAre you in the market for a new air conditioner? Do your research before committing to a system. Your air conditioner is a major expense. We also run our ACs a lot in our area. Choosing a new air conditioner is not something to rush. If you don't take the time to review your options carefully, you might miss out on the system that's ideal for you!
Take the ductless mini split, for instance. A lot of people are not really familiar with this type of HVAC system. And that's too bad. Why? Because using a ductless mini split in Hendersonville, NC, can benefit homeowners in a lot of ways. So learn more about what ductless mini splits have to offer, and contact us with any questions.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

There are a couple of ways that ductless ACs improve efficiency. The first is by eliminating all energy loss related to duct leaks. How? By eliminating all ducts! As the name suggests, ductless mini splits don't use any air ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout homes.
Instead, they use wall-mounted blowers that connect directly to outdoor units. These blowers condition the spaces that they are installed in directly. So issues like leaky or poorly insulated ducts wasting energy are no longer of any concern.

2. Versatility

Another way that ductless AC systems boost efficiency is b& by heating homes efficiently? That's right. Ductless mini splits are heat pumps (though cooling-only models are available). That means that they can reverse their operation in order to heat homes as well as cool them. That versatility is a major benefit itself, but the way that heat pumps heat homes deserves some attention.
Rather than generate new heat by burning fuel, heat pumps act like ACs in reverse. They evaporate refrigerant in the outdoor unit, drawing heat out of the air. That refrigerant is compressed to boost its thermal energy. Then the heat pump condenses it indoors to release that heat. The process is incredibly efficient due to this heat transfer method.

3. Better Comfort

So you get heating and cooling in one system. You get better energy efficiency all around, especially in the heating season. What could be better than that? How about improved comfort, too? Because the nature of the ductless mini split system design means that you can customize your comfort in ways that you haven't before.
All of these blowers are controlled independently of one another. So if you have your system set up with three blower units (this will be planned out with our team ahead of time, ensuring proper equipment selection), you can set different temperatures in each zone. That allows you greater control over how you heat and cool your home.
Does all of this sound like a dream come true to you? Well, we make dreams realities! At least when it comes to home comfort. Explore your options and leave your ductless mini split services to the pros.

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