Although itbs important to have a working air conditioner and heater in your home to live comfortably in North Carolina throughout the year, it is essential to have them for your commercial business. It is important for your employeebs productivity and the comfort of your clients/customers/tenants. In other words, itbs crucial for a successful business. Whenever your workspacebs comfort comes under threat due to a malfunctioning HVAC system, you need to contact professionals with experience in commercial repairs to restore it.
Comfort Central, Inc. is available to handle issues with your commercial HVAC in Hendersonville, NC whenever you require it. The comfort of your employees and clients is our #1 concern.

The Commercial HVAC Repair Procedure

After the repair technicians receive your call (please provide as much detail as possible so they can plan to efficiently and speedily complete the work) and arrive at your business, they will first check over the thermostats. If you are experiencing fluctuating levels of comfort, hot and cold spots, or a system that will not come on at all, the issue may emanate from miscalibrations in the thermostats or a loss of connection. If the technicians find the thermostats are operating fine, they will make a check of all registers to make sure they are unblocked and have adequate airflow. Low airflow will help the technicians narrow down what the problem is and where it is coming from.
Now the technicians will check out the actual HVAC unit, which is probably a rooftop package unit. The location and the compact nature of these units (all the components are housed inside a single cabinet) makes it quicker for technicians to perform the repairs and also limits the disruptions in the workspace. The technicians will search for refrigerant leaks with pressure sensors, run necessary electrical tests, and perform any cleaning and adjusting to deal with the repair problem. In most cases, the technicians should be able to fix the system during that visit; but there will be times when they will need to order a specific part.
Once the repair job is complete, the technicians will run tests on airflow and temperature to see that the system is working again and responding to the thermostat controls. They wonbt leave you with your HVAC system until they know they have either fixed the problem completely or have laid out plans for more extensive repairs.
To help reduce the chances that you will need repairs for your commercial HVAC system in Hendersonville, NC, contact Comfort Central, Inc. and arrange for regular maintenance. Only a short visit twice a year (once for heating, once for cooling) will prevent 85% of repair issues in the future.