cold-manThe chilly days and nights are here, meaning now is the time that you will be starting to use your heater a lot more. This is tricky if your heater isn’t working at all though. If this is the case and you are having to consider what your options are for a new Hendersonville, NC heating system, we’d like to help.
Choosing a new heater might seem easy but once you really start to get into the nitty-gritty of it, you might realize that there are more options than you thought and more factors to consider than you expected. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! To help, we’ve provided some informative facts about your heating options that might help you narrow down your choices allowing you to get that new heater installed sooner than later.

What are Your Options

There is a variety of choices available to you when you are seeking a new heater. We want to discuss some of the most commonly used systems.

What You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient system that is ideal for people with and without ductwork in their homes. This is also a great system for those who want their heating and cooling capacities packaged into one system since it has the ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant to produce heat rather than absorb it. Additionally, heat pumps can be turned on and off with a remote and be used to adjust the temperature in individual rooms thanks to separate air handlers. Add to this their energy efficiency and these are great HVAC systems to use as heaters!

What You Should Know About Furnaces

This is a well-known type of heater for a good reason. Using electricity or natural gas, furnaces provide steady and reliable heat to homes throughout the UnitedB States. They perform well in mild and extreme cold and last between 10 and 15 years as long as they are well maintained. Thanks to their energy efficiency and heating effectiveness, this also makes them an easy system to work with as just about every technician is trained to work on these heaters.

What About Radiant Heating Systems?

While heat pumps and furnaces both use forced air to provide warmth, radiant heating systems instead heat your walls or, more commonly, your flooring. Using either water or electricity to create warmth, these systems are often more effective at keeping a home warm as their transfer medium (water) holds heat better than air does. These are great systems for areas that see truly cold weather but can be difficult to install if you are switching from a ducted heater system.

Ensure Your Warmth by Working with the Pros

Whatever heater you might choose, make sure that you work with a professional to ensure it is sized and installed properly. You are already spending a pretty penny on a replacement and we are pretty sure you won’t want to do that again within a year. Unfortunately, improper installation from an amateur often leads to more repairs and early replacement. That is just one of the reasons why it is vital that you only work with a trained HVAC technician like the ones at Comfort Central, Inc.

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