Whole home air conditioning has traditionally been available only if your home has ductwork, but this is no longer the case and hasnbt been the case for a while. Thanks to the development of new products and improvements to existing ones, just about any homeowner can have whole house cooling in Hendersonville, NC. Here at Comfort Central, Inc., we carry two types of whole home air conditioning systems that donbt require ductwork: ductless ACbs and high velocity ACbs.

High Velocity Systems

As you can probably guess from the name, high velocity systems blow air into your home at a rapid speed. But itbs the delivery method that makes it a great option if your home doesnbt have ductwork. High velocity systems use flexible, 2b wide tubing to deliver the cool air to your home. This material can be easily snaked behind the walls of your home, providing a durable yet flexible ductwork system. The air handler is quite small and can fit in a closet, and the outlets for the system are the same size as the flexible tubing.

Ductless Air Conditioning System

A growing popular choice among homeowners, ductless air conditioning systems use indoor blowers to deliver cool air to your home. An outdoor unit that is very similar to that of a traditional AC system contains the compressor and condenser, and can support up to four indoor blowers. Each blower contains its own set of coils, a fan and an air filter, so the units are pretty self-contained; refrigerant flows back and forth between each blower and the outdoor unit via a refrigerant line. Turning on a single blower starts the cooling process.
If youbve been looking for a way to cool your ductless home in Hendersonville, NC, the cooling specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., have a solution for you b call us today!