We arenbt quite in theB heating season yet, but one of the reasons so many of our customers have chosen to use a heat pump system in their homes is because of the convenience this device offers. What are we talking about? The ability of a single unit b the heat pump b to effectively heat and cool your home. However, some homeowners may have concerns that a heat pump in Brevard, NC may not be enough to warm their homesB when needed. The truth is that our climate is perfect for heat pumps, whether it is 95 degrees or 35 degrees. Why do homeowners become concerned? Letbs take a look.

Heating with a Heat Pump

In air conditioning mode, a heat pump works just like an air conditioner: it removes the heat and humidity from your home in order to cool it. During the winter, things work a little differently. To heat your home, your heat pump absorbs the available heat in the air, concentrates it, then disperses the warm air to your living spaces. The concern comes in when it seems like there isnbt enough heat in the air to effectively heat a home. This wonbt be a problem in Brevard because we almost never get so cold b and we are talking below freezing b that your heat pump wonbt be able to keep up with your heating needs.

What Are the Benefits of Heating with a Heat Pump?

Here are some of the benefits heating with a heat pump can offer you:

If you are considering the installation of a heat pump in your home, then itbs time to call the experts at Comfort Central, Inc., today.