Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats (And a Word of Caution!)

remote-home-controlsThe speed at which HVAC technology is advancing with each year is amazing. And there’s no part of an HVAC system where this progress is easier to see than in thermostat technology. The days of the “slider-n-dials” manual thermostat are far behind, and even the digital thermostat is old news. The Wi-Fi thermostat with “smart” technology is the current top-of-the-line when it comes to climate controls.

We recommend homeowners look into installing a Wi-Fi thermostat for their home to help increase their energy savings without a drop in comfort. We especially recommend them for any new heating and air conditioning system installation, when our technicians can best match the thermostat to the HVAC system for best performance. We can also see about how to retrofit an older system with an improved thermostat.

The Wi-Fi Thermostat Advantages

No matter what type of earlier thermostat technology you currently have (manual, non-programmable digital, programmable digital), a wireless model with “smart” technology offers many benefits for a household.

  • Precision: Just making the jump from a manual thermostat to a digital one offers more precision on temperature settings. Wi-Fi thermostats are even more precise, which means better comfort and better savings.
  • Remote Access: You can reach your climate controls from anywhere you have a smart phone, computer, tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled device and a satellite or Internet connection. Using a special app, you can change settings or check on conditions in the house from thousands of miles away.
  • Smart technology finds the best settings: A “smart” Wi-Fi thermostat learns from the history of settings. It applies this knowledge to create its own programming over days and weeks that will provide your household with comfort while maximizing energy conservation. Soon, you won’t have to worry about adjusting the thermostat at all—the thermostat will do all the hard work.
  • Reports: Your Wi-Fi thermostat can give you reports on how much you’re saving, and this will help you plan for the future.

Don’t Try to Purchase and Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat Yourself!

We mentioned a “caution” in the title, and it’s an important one. A Wi-Fi thermostat isn’t necessarily an automatic improvement for an HVAC system. In fact, it can backfire in a major way if the installment isn’t handled by professionals like ours. Homeowners often shop for new thermostats online, find what looks like a great deal on a Wi-Fi thermostat, then buy it and attempt to install it themselves.

Here’s the problem with that: it may invalidate the warranty on the equipment! A new thermostat may not be suited to the original AC and heater and cause damage to them. You want to ensure you have the right new climate control system, and that professionals take care of the job of connecting it. This will ensure you not only receive the full benefits of the advanced thermostat, but that you don’t end up invalidating the warranty.

When it comes to selecting and installing a thermostat in Arden, NC or elsewhere in Western North Carolina, you can rely on our team. We are 100% devoted to your complete satisfaction in our services. Call us today and learn more about the best new thermostat options for your house.

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