Why You Should Have Zone Control for Your Home

What is a zone control system? It’s a way to divide up your home into different heating and cooling “zones” that can have different temperatures than other parts of the house. The standard central heating and cooling system is an “all or nothing,” so that when the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner turns on, the heated/cooled air travels through the ventilation system to each of the vents. With zone control, a series of dampers within the ducts shut off one of more of the vents, and local thermostats control whether a specific zone receives conditioned air. All of the thermostats network through a central control panel that allows manipulation of all of the zones.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should have zone control for your new HVAC system, or have it installed as a retrofit for your current system, here are some advantages to consider:

  • Money saving: When you close off a room using a zone control damper, it also reduces the amount the heater/AC needs to work. If you live in a large house or a house that has areas that are often empty, you’ll see a substantial decline in your energy bills from season to season.
  • Better comfort distribution: You can have a more even spread of heating and cooling in your home with effective use of zone control. For example, you can cool down one area of the house and then switch to another to prevent one section from becoming too cool.
  • Individual comfort: The local thermostats allow people to adjust the temperature in the room they’re in. This means that you can eliminate quarrels in among people in your household about how to set the temperature.
  • Adjust temperatures to match rooms: Just as people have individual comfort needs, the rooms do as well. The kitchen often requires extra cooling, and an infant’s room will need extra heat. You can adjust the climate throughout your home to meet room specifics.

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