Why Boilers Are Sometimes the Best Choice for Home Heating

Boilers are one of the oldest ways to heat homes, and they are still popular to this day. Furnaces are more common, but boilers offer a number of special advantages that make them competitive. Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons that new homeowners might want to select a boiler system for their comfort. This can help you with your decision-making process if you’re in the situation of looking for a new heating installation. However, always call on professionals to help with the final choice—you’ll need them to handle the eventual installation, after all.

  • Energy savings: Boilers are more energy efficient than forced-air systems (i.e. furnaces and heat pumps). This is because water is a better heat transference medium than air.
  • Even heat distribution: The heat that comes off of radiators, baseboard heaters, and in-floor heating elements attached to a boiler spreads evenly through rooms. No more cold spots or long waits for the heat gathered at the ceiling to seep down to where people are.
  • Quiet operation: There are few heating systems that run as quietly as a boiler.
  • Better air quality: Forced-air systems blow around dust, dirt, dander, and other irritants that can negatively affect allergy sufferers and people with asthma. The heat that comes from a boiler, on the other hand, is clean.
  • Long system life: Boilers have few moving parts in them, which reduces the amount of mechanical strain they suffer as they work. You can expect to get 5 to 10 years more life from a boiler compared to other types of heaters.
  • Fewer repairs: The low amount of mechanical stress also means that a boiler will run into a small number of repair needs during its lifetime. (It still must have annual maintenance.)

Boilers aren’t the ideal choice for all homes, but they’re definitely worth considering when you factor in all the possible advantages. Contact us today to find out more about how a boiler might work for you.

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