What Is a High Velocity System?

Being without whole home air conditioning in our area is tough, but we have a number of classic homes in our area that do not have a ductwork system. While this used to pose quite a challenge for those seeking whole house AC, it doesn’t any longer. Homeowners have a few choices when it comes to providing their homes with the cool comfort they need without ductwork, and one of these choices is a high velocity system.

What Is It?

A high velocity system is a cooling and heating system that works by aspiration. Aspiration occurs when air is forced into a room at a high rate of speed – 2,000 feet per second – which forces the air to mix. High velocity systems use heat pump technology, which is how they can offer your home both cooling and heating, and the air is delivered through flexible, 2” wide tubing that has been snaked through your walls. The air handler can reside in a closet or other small space, and is connected to the outdoor unit, which contains the condenser and compressor. The outlets for the air are the same width as the tubing, so they are small yet effective, and blend in with your home.

What Are the Benefits?

So why should you consider a high velocity system? Here are some benefits the system can offer:

  • Quiet operation – you may be concerned that a system with high-pressure output may be noisy, but these systems are made to be quiet, even quieter than traditional forced air systems.
  • Good energy efficiency – heat pumps use between 25-50% of the electricity of a traditional AC system, and the flexible tubing eliminates air loss from faulty ductwork.
  • Good humidity balance – aspiration helps balance humidity levels better than other forced air units.

You no longer have to use just window units if your home doesn’t have ductwork. Call the air conditioning specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., today and see if a high velocity system is a fit for your home in Asheville, NC.

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