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How Geothermal Systems Benefit the Environment

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

We could tell you about how much money you can potentially save every month when you install a geothermal heat pump for home heating and air conditioning, but recent studies show that many homeowners are more concerned about the environment when it comes to alternative energy sources than they are about money. Of course, it’s useful to know that you may save 30-80% of monthly heating and cooling costs and that most geothermal systems should run into very few costly repairs over the course of their lifespan. And you may be interested to hear that government incentives often offer a return on your initial investment. But today, for those of us who are especially environmentally conscious, we’re going to look at how these systems benefit the earth.

Whether you’re most concerned about the environment, monthly bills, or the noise level of your AC and heating system, geothermal may be right for you. Call Comfort Central, Inc. for more information on installing geothermal systems in Waynesville.

How Geothermal Heat Pumps Save Energy

Geothermal systems benefit the environment because geothermal energy requires no burning of fossil fuels and very little energy from the utility company. Geothermal energy has been put to use in a few different ways, but one of the most popular purposes is for heating and cooling homes or businesses. The reliable warmth from just below the surface of the earth is brought into the home via an underground loop system and a liquid such as water or refrigerant. In the summer, heat is transferred out of the home and deposited back into the cooler ground.

Moving heat from place to place is far safer and more efficient than generating heat, like a furnace, electric heater, or boiler must do. In heating mode, environmental impact is cut back because CO2 and other combustion gases do not make it back into the air. In either heating or air conditioning mode, the system uses very little energy. While it will need some energy to pump refrigerant from place to place, the amount used is significantly less than with a traditional air conditioner or furnace.

Calling the technicians at Comfort Central, Inc. allows you the opportunity to get to know more about the benefits of installing geothermal systems in Waynesville, as you’ll speak with professionals who have installed them for years. Call our team today!

Create a Healthier Home With Radiant Heating

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Heat transfers from one place to another in three different ways. Convection is heat moving through air, water, or other fluid. Conduction is heat moving through contact. Radiation is heat moving as charged particles traveling from a heated surface to other surfaces. Radiant heat is what you feel when you sense heat coming from a rock warmed by the sun, for example.

Radiant heating for a home can come from hydronic floor heating, where heated water in a boiler runs through pipes built into the floorboards and raises the floor’s temperature. Boilers can also provide radiant heating through baseboard heaters or radiators. Radiant heating doesn’t have to come through hydronic power: electrical heating elements in panels can also provide it, although hydronic systems are more popular because they cost less to run.

To find out more about systems that provide radiant heat in Waynesville, NC and the surrounding areas, contact the knowledgeable HVAC technicians at Comfort Central, Inc. If you believe that a radiant heater is right for your home, we will make sure that you receive the ideal system and install it so that it works at its best.

The Health Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are many reasons to consider a radiant heater over a standard forced-air system (such as a furnace or heat pump). One of the best advantages that radiant heating has is that it promotes a healthier indoor environment.

Most forced-air heating uses ductwork to send air to rooms. Ductwork has the drawback of collecting dust, dirt, pollen, dander, debris, and even bacteria and viruses. This leads to poor quality air circulating through a home. But radiant heating does not use ducts of any kind, and the heat moves from one object to the other without any air currents that can pick up dust and dirt. The heat that comes off a radiator, an electrical heat panel, or a heated floorboard will carry no contamination in it, and that means a reduced spread of dust and dirt and other pollutants through a home.

Radiant heating is especially beneficial for the health of people in a household who suffer from asthma or allergies. If you switch from a furnace or heat pump to a radiant heating system, you will find that allergy and asthma symptoms in the home will noticeably decline. Radiant heating will also help slow the spread of pet dander through a house.

Installing radiant heating is a large job and often requires the removal of construction material to put down panels and pipes. You will need the assistance of the team at Comfort Central, Inc. to take care of the work. Call us today and let us help your home in Waynesville, NC with radiant heat that will keep your family comfortable and healthy.

How Radiant Floor Heating Can Save You Money

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

The concept of using hot water to heat homes has been around for over a thousand years, the prevalence of forced air systems has caused radiant heating to remain a fringe option for many homeowners. This is unfortunate, as radiant floor heating actually has quite a lot going for it. Read on to find out how radiant floor heating can save you money.

How it Works

Radiant floor heating involves the installation of water pipes in the walls or subfloor of each room you want to be heated. This network of pipes is then hooked up to a central boiler. The boiler heats and distributes water through this pipe system. As the water flows through these pipes, it transmits its heat through them, the wall or floor, and into the room. This is the reason that the system is called “radiant heating,” because the heat radiates through solid objects.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating operates in a very different way from the forced air systems common to most homes. In order to understand radiant heating’s benefits, it is best to understand some of forced air systems’ drawbacks.

When warm air is blown into a room by a forced air system, it naturally rises to the top of the room. As the air cools, it sinks back down to the floor. This often creates uncomfortable cold spots in rooms heated by forced air systems. Forced air systems also lose a great deal of their heat to leaks in the ductwork, as much as 30%, according to the US Department of Energy.

Radiant heating systems avoid both of these drawbacks through their delivery methods. By transmitting heat through solid objects instead of air, radiant heating systems evenly heat the entire room instead of creating cold spots. By avoiding ductwork, radiant heating transports far more heat to the target destination. These two things make radiant heating systems far more energy efficient. By using less energy, radiant heating systems can save you far more money than forced air systems can.

If you’d like to know more about our professional radiant heat services, call Comfort Central, Inc. to speak with one of our qualified technicians or schedule a service appointment today. Our heating professionals cover all of Waynesville.

How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Heating Season

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

If you own a furnace, you need to keep it in top shape to ensure you stay warm throughout the heating season. Your air conditioning system has been running all summer long, so it may seem as though no new problems should have developed with your heating system. However, your furnace may be inefficient due to dirty components or minor problems that could lead to further damages later on. Your best bet is to take care of maintenance tasks now before they become major repair needs. Here are some of the ways you can help get your furnace ready for the heating season.

  • Change the Furnace Filter: One of the best things you can do for your heating system is changing the furnace filter. This should be done about once a month, but the frequency may depend on how often you use your unit. A dirty filter allows dirt and contaminants to move into your ductwork. Furthermore, a clogged filter keeps your furnace from drawing the necessary amount of air into the furnace. This means your motor must work harder and run longer, using more energy and wearing out your unit.
  • Remove Any Obstructions from Vents: The thermostat in your home lets your unit know when to turn on and off. But if household obstructions block the vents, it will take longer to reach the desired temperature, meaning your furnace cannot efficiently heat your home. Be sure that all vents are open and that nothing blocks your vents from drawing in or distributing air.
  • Schedule Maintenance: The most important step you can take towards a more efficient and better performing furnace is by scheduling heating maintenance with an experienced technician. Heating maintenance involves cleaning and inspecting your system, as well as tightening connections, checking the thermostat, and making any adjustments that may be done without major repairs. The technician will let you know whether you need to schedule additional services.

If you need to schedule professional furnace maintenance, or if you have any other questions about maintaining your furnace in Waynesville, give us a call today and talk to one of the friendly technicians at Comfort Central, Inc.!

Where Is My Home Losing Energy Efficiency?

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

We’ve all experienced them: the cold spot in the kitchen, the draft coming in from that one window in the living room. They are the areas where your home just can’t seem to get warm (or cool), and it can drive you crazy wondering where else in your home you may be losing cooling or heating. As we head into the fall, now is a perfect time to schedule an energy audit in Waynesville to see exactly where you are losing energy efficiency. And with the help of Comfort Central, Inc., trained professionals, you can have a custom plan created to help you save energy this fall and winter.

What Is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment in which the energy efficiency of your home is evaluated using professional equipment, testing and analysis. At the end of the audit, you’ll be given a list of recommendations designed to help make your home as energy efficient as possible.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?

Here is an overview of what happens during a Comfort Central, Inc., energy audit:


A technician will inspect your home utilizing a comprehensive check list. He/she will also ask you a series of questions to identify any significant areas of concern.  The technician will inspect your heating and cooling equipment, water heater, ductwork, insulation, windows, check for gas leaks and perform a Combustion Analysis.


The technician will conduct a series of highly advanced tests using state-of-the-art technology, such as thermal imaging, a blower door system, static pressure tests and/or flow hood.

Analysis and Recommendations

Utilizing the data collected during the inspection and testing phase, your technician will prioritize ways you can save on your energy costs. This information will be organized in a simple plan designed to help you efficiently manage the energy systems in your home.

We may still be enjoying warm weather, but that will soon be coming to an end. If making your home more energy efficient is a priority now and year-round, call Comfort Central, Inc., today and schedule an appointment for a professional energy audit for your Waynesville home.

3 Reason to Consider a Boiler in Waynesville, NC

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Furnaces are the most common type of heating found in homes, although increasingly homeowners have turned toward heat pumps with their dual function of heating and cooling. But there’s another option: the hot water boiler. If you haven’t considered an installation of a boiler in Waynesville, NC for your new heating system, we think you should put it on your list and consider its advantages. It may turn out that a boiler will bring you the comfort and savings you want.

At Comfort Central, Inc., we take pride in the services we deliver to customers when it comes to installing, repairing, and maintaining heating systems. Our technicians can help you make the choice about whether you should have a boiler installed. Whatever system you end up choosing, you can trust our technicians to give you the best installation possible.

Why a boiler? Here are 3 good reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Boilers tend to have superior heating efficiency than furnaces. The reason for this is that they do not need to use ductwork, but instead send heated water through pipes to terminal points (either cast iron radiators or baseboard heaters). They lose much less heat this way, unlike furnaces which have plenty of space along their ductwork where heat can leak away, making them less efficient.
  2. Cleaner air: Boilers use radiant heat to send warmth into your home (plus convection currents from baseboard heaters) that does not require the use of ducts. Since ducts start to gather dust, no matter how often they receive cleaning, forced-air systems can blow dusty and dirty air into your home and continue to circulate it, dropping your indoor air quality. With a boiler, you get clean air, which is especially helpful if you have pets or people with allergies in your home.
  3. Durability: Boilers last longer than most other heating systems. They have few moving parts to wear down, and that means you won’t have to schedule as many repairs for them. With regular maintenance, your boiler should last a generation, providing great savings.

Make certain a boiler is the best choice

Despite these great advantages, a boiler isn’t always the optimal choice for heating. It depends on your home and your budget plans. You should consult with HVAC professionals to determine the best course to take, and then have them perform the installation.

Comfort Central, Inc. has the training and equipment to give you a great installation of a boiler in Waynesville, NC… if it’s the right system for you. Our technicians will make sure that it is—and they can install the right system if it isn’t.

Asheville, NC Ductless Split Guide: Benefits of Going Ductless

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Are you in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system in Asheville, NC? If so, be sure to call Comfort Central to explore your options. Central, forced air cooling systems are very popular, but the ductwork that they require to disperse air throughout your home can be problematic. If you are interested in effective heating and air conditioning performance without the potential problems posed by ductwork, consider the installation of a ductless mini split system.

Ductless mini splits are great for homes that cannot accommodate bulky ductwork systems. A compressor unit is installed outside. Wall mounted air handlers are installed in your home, and these air handlers are connected to the outdoor unit by a simple conduit. This connection allows the air handlers to disperse air directly into the rooms in which they are installed, eliminating the need for ductwork altogether.

Heating and cooling your home more efficiently and with better control is easy with a ductless mini split system. By using multiple thermostats and controlling the air handlers individually you can create different temperature zones in your home. This allows you to heat or cool only those rooms that are in use, saving energy and money. You won’t have any more disagreements among family members about how the thermostat is set. Temperature zones keep everyone happy and comfortable while reducing your energy use.

The installation process for ductless mini splits is simple. All that is needed to connect the inner and outer components is the conduit, meaning that a 3” hole will be drilled in your wall. There is no duct installation or renovation necessary. When it comes to simple installation ductless mini splits are a great option.

Ductwork is a common point of energy loss. Poor installation, design or insulation and leaks allow energy to be lost while air is being distributed. Because ductless mini splits allow the blowers to disperse air directly there is no way for energy to be lost in transit.

If you’re interested in learning more about ductless split systems or would like to schedule an installation, contact the professionals at Comfort Central today. We have all the information and answers you need to make the right decision about heating and cooling yourAsheville, NC home. Call today to schedule service.

Hendersonville, NC Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Whether your AC is 5 or 15 years old, it probably will need repair at some point in its life. While routine maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring that your AC runs effectively and efficiently, repairs are inevitable. As with any mechanical system, your air conditioner’s components and mechanisms work hard and may begin to undergo wear and tear and even physical damage over the course of its working life. While some repairs can be prevented, others are just part of long-term operation. Make sure you take care of any problems as soon as possible. For comprehensive Hendersonville, NC air conditioning repair, call Comfort Central today!

Here are some tips to keep your AC working well:

  • Monitor your energy bill: If you notice any spikes in your energy bill without a corresponding increase in usage, then you may need air conditioning repair. Inefficient cooling can be costly, but it can often be solved quickly. If you have a frozen coil, low refrigerant, or a mechanical fault in your compressor, then you may be paying for more cool air than you’re actually receiving. Keep an eye on your bill.
  • Clean and replace your air filter: While this is an easy task, it is often overlooked by homeowners. Cleaning and replacing your air filter on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that your AC operates effectively and efficiently for years to come. While your air filter is designed to prevent the passage of noxious particles into your living space, when it becomes clogged or excessively dirty, then it can actually begin to impede airflow. This disrupts the balance of the system, and it may also cause your evaporator coil to freeze over. It should be changed about once per month during peak cooling times.
  • Clear debris from your units: Make sure that there is a clean and clear perimeter surrounding all parts of your system, especially the outdoor compressor/condenser unit. If vegetation has encroached upon the exhaust fan, then it can present serious problems with the performance and efficiency of your unit.

Need some more tips? Or would you like to schedule a service? Call Comfort Central for exceptional Hendersonville, NC air conditioning repair