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Arrange for a Mild-Weather Tune-Up for Your Heating System

Monday, February 20th, 2017

furnace-technician-maintenance-checkThe weather is starting to turn away from the winter and look toward the spring here in western North Carolina. We’re enjoying temperature in the 60s and sometimes even the low 70s. During this stretch of mild weather, it’s easy to forget about the needs of your heating system. But if you haven’t arranged for a tune-up for your home’s heater in Brevard, NC during the last year, you still need to have it done!

Right now we’re running a special to tune-up your heat pump, gas or LP furnace or boiler. The tune-up includes a free combustion and carbon monoxide analysis. There’s also a repair-free guarantee: if you need a single repair this summer, we’ll refund every single penny of the tune-up! This offer expires April 15, so call us today for details. (more…)

Early Season Furnace Repairs You May Need

Monday, December 5th, 2016

As the weather continues to cool down in North Carolina, you can expect to have your furnace running more and more frequently. If you’ve already had it tuned-up for the season (and it’s still not too late to arrange it with us through our residential maintenance program!) then you probably won’t run into any major operational problems.

But there’s never any guarantee that a furnace will always work at its best, even with regular maintenance. Below are some of the more common troubles that might crop up right as the furnace starts to get to work for another winter. (more…)

Maintenance Advisory for Heat Pumps

Monday, November 28th, 2016

It’s getting closer and closer to winter—Thanksgiving just ended and you probably can’t ignore the mass of holiday decorations everywhere. If you haven’t yet arranged to have your home heating system professionally inspected and tuned-up, right now is the last stretch of time to get it done before the serious cold arrives.

And yes, your heating system must have maintenance annually! It’s one of the biggest misunderstandings people have about HVAC systems, that they don’t need regular maintenance. (more…)

Thinks It’s Too Late for Heating Maintenance? It’s Not!

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Winter is already well underway, and the year 2016 is here. You almost certainly have the heating system in your home already working to keep your family warm. But… did you remember to schedule a visit from a heating and air conditioning professional during fall to inspect and tune-up your heater? This is something you must make part of your annual routine, since it helps keep the household’s heating system working at its best and for the longest period of time. (more…)