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3 Reasons Why You Need a Heat Pump

Monday, July 6th, 2020

outdoor-unitAn air conditioner is an air conditioner, right? WRONG! There are a lot of different types of home cooling systems out there. You cannot equate them all. Sure, they all cool homes. That’s what air conditioners do. But they don’t all do it in the same way or with the same quality of results. A window unit air conditioner, for instance, will cool your home. But nowhere near as well as a central air conditioner will. And neither stacks up to a heat pump.

If you are looking for a unique home cooling system, then a heat pump is what you’re after. Heat pumps have a number of benefits that other systems just don’t offer. Why? Because only the heat pump … well, we’ll get to that below. First, let’s just remind you that no AC will operate at peak performance levels if not properly installed and serviced. That’s where we come in. Schedule your HVAC services in Arden, NC with our team.  (more…)

How Ductless Mini Splits Can Save You Money

Monday, March 30th, 2020

For those in the know, the term “heat pump” has pretty much become synonymous with “efficiency.” If you’re not using a heat pump to keep your home comfortable, then you’re probably not keeping your home comfortable in the most efficient way possible. We live in a great climate for heat pump use, after all. We’ll get into heat pump technology a bit more in the post below if you’re not 100% sure what we’re talking about. Don’t worry.

Now, if you’re wondering what’s out there that can outdo even the heat pump—there’s always something, right?—then you’re looking for a ductless mini-split. Ductless HVAC systems in Asheville, NC, are very common, and it’s not hard to understand why. By combining the benefits of a heat pump with a truly unique design, ductless mini splits are able to offer even more to homeowners than a standard air-source heat pump can promise. And that’s saying something!


Do You Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump?

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

FamilyIf not—why not? A heat pump is a very unique home heating system that both offers some unique benefits over more traditional heaters and is also perfectly suited to our climate. Heat pumps are very common around here for good reason! Of course, the only way in which you can get the best performance that your heat pump has to offer is to schedule all of your heat pump services with skilled, trained professionals.  That is as simple as dialing our number.

When you let us install and service your heat pump in Asheville, NC, you can count on the best, from start to finish. We’ll find the right system for your home, we’ll make sure that it is of the right size for your living space, and we’ll install and service with the care that these crucial services demand. That way, you’ll know that you are getting the most dependable and effective performance that your system can deliver.


New AC? Consider a Heat Pump!

Monday, June 24th, 2019

cooling-and-heating-house-symbolsNow that we’re approaching the end of June, we sincerely hope that you’ve got a great air conditioner up and running already. If this is not the case, though, and you find yourself facing an AC replacement—or if you’ve got a new home going up and you’re exploring your AC installation options—we urge you to consider the use of a heat pump. Heat pumps are great air conditioners, with some added benefits thrown in!

As is the case with any other HVAC system in Hendersonville, NC, of course, heat pumps are only going to function at maximum capacity if they are expertly installed and serviced. That’s where we come in. When you schedule your HVAC services with a member of our team, you know for certain that any job we do is a job done right! So read on, consider the benefits, and let us know if you think that a heat pump is the right choice for your next AC. (more…)

Remember: Heat Pumps Use Refrigerant

Monday, January 21st, 2019

service-timeDo you use a heat pump to keep your home warm throughout the winter season? If so, then you probably don’t need us to remind you of just how incredible these systems are. They provide exceptionally efficient heating when the weather outside is cold, and they have the huge added benefit of providing cooling all summer long. This means that you get year-round comfort with just one system installed on your property. Like any other system, however, heat pumps can run into problems.

It should always be a top priority to have your heater repaired ASAP if you suspect that there is a problem with the system. Just keep in mind the fact that a heat pump does use a refrigerant cycle in order to heat your home. A refrigerant leak is one of those problems that represents a major threat to the integrity of your system at large. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your heat pump in Asheville, NC, contact us right away.


Should You Replace Your AC with a Heat Pump?

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

When an air conditioning system breaks down, it can be tough to pick a new system for replacement. Today, there are so many different styles, options, and features to choose from. Each air conditioning system is labeled with an efficiency rating that helps you to determine whether you’ll save on cooling costs each month. While you can replace your existing heat with another highly-rated efficient and traditional air conditioning system, you also have another option: the heat pump.

What makes heat pumps so appealing to homeowners? The most attractive feature is that heat pumps are efficient for both heating and cooling. And there are many other benefits to these units as well. Contact the friendly people at Comfort Central, Inc. for heat pump installation in Cedar Mountain, or to find out more about how a heat pump can benefit you.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are rated quite well for efficiency in both cooling and heating. This is because heat pumps are able to bring heat into your home (or out of your home) without actually generating any heat. Instead, these move heat from one area to the next (to the outdoors in the summer and inside in the cooler months), which is a more efficient process than combusting fuels. Heat pumps are designed to run using as little energy as possible with only the latest parts and technologies.

You may also notice that your new heat pump is just as effective as any other heating and cooling system. Heat pumps are high-performance cooling and heating systems which run effectively and efficiently for most of the year (though they may need a backup heating source in the winter). You don’t have to sacrifice performance for energy efficiency when you choose a heat pump for AC replacement.

However, you should keep in mind that a heat pump is not for everybody. If you have a functional and efficient heating system, you may want to keep this as is and add in a new air conditioner instead, which is often a less expensive option. To discuss your options with a professional and schedule installation in Cedar Mountain and the surrounding area, call the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. today.

Why Consider a Heat Pump in Black Mountains this Fall

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

We’re right in the middle of the fall season, and that means it’s time to schedule your annual heating maintenance. For some of you, however, this is a time for shopping around for a new heating system. If your old heating system is dying or otherwise failing you, consider installing a heat pump to replace it. Read on to discover the advantages of installing a heat pump in your home this fall.

Anatomy of a Heat Pump

A heat pump system contains two separate units, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These two units are what move heat from one space to another. There are other parts, but these two are the most important. When the heat is turned on, the outdoor unit absorbs thermal energy from the surrounding air. This energy is then sent to the indoor unit, where it is used to warm the air before circulation.


The first advantage to having a heat pump is its energy efficiency. The ability to absorb and direct thermal energy relieves the heat pump from having to generate the energy itself. This results in lower heating bills, as the heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard as other systems to achieve similar results. Be aware, however, that prolonged sub-freezing temperatures can decrease the efficiency of the heat pump. Many heat pumps are supplemented by other systems in cold climates for this reason.

The second advantage is that of versatility. A heat pump system includes a valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. This reversing valve allows the heat pump to act as an air conditioner, as well as a heater. This not only saves you the space of installing a second forced air unit, it also saves you a sizeable amount of money. With the combined savings from both heating and air conditioning bills, the heat pump will eventually pay for itself.

If you are considering upgrading to a heat pump this fall, call Comfort Central, Inc. We install heat pumps throughout the Black Mountain region.