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Install a New Furnace if Your Current One is Doing These Things

Monday, December 25th, 2017

furnace-replacementHow well do you take care of your furnace? Hopefully, well enough that it’ll last you a good long while. That means scheduling regular maintenance and calling for repairs when necessary. No matter how much effort you put into keeping your furnace in good condition, though, it is inevitable that you will have to replace it at some point.

If you’re not sure when exactly you are going to need to replace your furnace, check out the symptoms below. These serve as good warning signs that your system is coming to the end of its life. If you start to recognize them, it may be time to start reviewing your replacement options. (more…)

The Secrets of High-Efficiency Furnaces

Monday, February 6th, 2017

burners-in-furnacesLast week we discussed fuel efficiency in gas furnaces and how to understand AFUE ratings, which is how the efficiency of furnaces is measured.

But this topic brings up another set of questions: why is the efficiency in furnaces improving? Older furnaces would have an AFUE rating between 56% and 70%, which meant quite a bit of energy waste. But today, for a furnace to earn the ENERGY STAR certificate from the Department of Energy, it must have an AFUE of at least 90%. And some can score as high as 98.5%. What is making furnaces today so much better at using natural gas efficiently than older models?

You could just chalk it up to “they got better at making them!” Which is partially true. But there are some interesting “secrets” to why modern furnaces waste less energy than old ones. (more…)

Answering Questions about Furnace Efficiency Ratings (AFUE)

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Three lit furnace burnersOne of the most important services that we provide our customers is energy audits and home performance assessments. This is the “whole-house” approach to reducing utility bills, where our team finds spots where a home is wasting power and then offers solutions.

One place where we frequently find that a house is expending more energy than necessary is the heating system. Most households use a furnace for their heat, and older furnaces have much lower efficiency than newer ones. (Older furnaces will also lose efficiency because of basic wear and tear from age.) Our installers can replace an older furnace with one that has a higher AFUE rating, which is the standard measure of furnace energy efficiency. (more…)

A Furnace Reckoning: Time to Replace Your Gas Furnace?

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Last week we wrote about how to keep your furnace safe. One of those suggestions was to replace a furnace that was too old to do its job effectively, which would make it a higher risk of creating combustion and carbon monoxide hazards. Safety isn’t the sole reason to retire an old furnace, however. Once a furnace reaches a certain age, it will begin to waste energy and present a higher change of a permanent breakdown during the winter. (more…)