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Be Careful of These Boiler Problems This Winter

Monday, February 19th, 2018

boiler-repairBoiler systems are known for being more resistant to problems of various kinds than other systems are. This is because they have fewer moving parts than other heating systems do. Just because they are less likely to develop problems, though, that doesn’t mean that they’re completely immune to them. You still need to keep an eye out for any symptoms that indicate that your boiler is malfunctioning and needs repairs. Let’s go over some of the more common signs that your boiler is in need of professional repair, so you know what to look for. (more…)

Install a New Furnace if Your Current One is Doing These Things

Monday, December 25th, 2017

furnace-replacementHow well do you take care of your furnace? Hopefully, well enough that it’ll last you a good long while. That means scheduling regular maintenance and calling for repairs when necessary. No matter how much effort you put into keeping your furnace in good condition, though, it is inevitable that you will have to replace it at some point.

If you’re not sure when exactly you are going to need to replace your furnace, check out the symptoms below. These serve as good warning signs that your system is coming to the end of its life. If you start to recognize them, it may be time to start reviewing your replacement options. (more…)

Why Are Newer Furnaces More Efficient Than Older Ones?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

When you get a new cellular phone, you may be excited to show your friends and family how much better it works than the older one. Your older phone may have been slow to run, offered very little storage, and had a run-down battery. But the new phone may use a totally different operating system and come equipped with a battery that lasts longer than any you’ve ever seen. When you install a new furnace, especially if your old standing gas pilot model was decades old, you’ll notice immediate energy savings and better performance, and you may even end up bragging to your friends.

Let the technicians at Comfort Central, Inc. help you select a new furnace that runs better and more efficiently than any you’ve had before.

If your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may have noticed decreased efficiency over time. Sure, your furnace has always cost a lot of money to run, but now that it’s in desperate need of replacement, you’re noticing even higher utilities. This is to be expected, as the components of a furnace tend to wear down over time, which means they become overworked. A brand new furnace will have new parts so that the unit runs in top condition.

In fact, your new furnace will probably run much more efficiently than your old one did even when it was brand new. Older furnaces have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of about 50-60%, meaning they only use about half of the energy they require to run to actually heat up a home. Newer furnaces are required to have an AFUE of over 80%, which means a large majority of the energy utilized goes towards heating the living space.

So what technology brought on this change? For one, newer furnaces have advanced mechanical parts. But also, the new ignition systems used in gas furnaces, chiefly an intermittent pilot and hot surface ignition. With these types of ignition systems, the pilot light does not need to remain lit throughout the day, only when the heating cycle begins. So you don’t have to worry about throwing away natural gas throughout the day.

Call Comfort Central, Inc. to learn more and ask a technician about installing a new efficient furnace in Black Mountain.

Why Consider a Heat Pump in Black Mountains this Fall

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

We’re right in the middle of the fall season, and that means it’s time to schedule your annual heating maintenance. For some of you, however, this is a time for shopping around for a new heating system. If your old heating system is dying or otherwise failing you, consider installing a heat pump to replace it. Read on to discover the advantages of installing a heat pump in your home this fall.

Anatomy of a Heat Pump

A heat pump system contains two separate units, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These two units are what move heat from one space to another. There are other parts, but these two are the most important. When the heat is turned on, the outdoor unit absorbs thermal energy from the surrounding air. This energy is then sent to the indoor unit, where it is used to warm the air before circulation.


The first advantage to having a heat pump is its energy efficiency. The ability to absorb and direct thermal energy relieves the heat pump from having to generate the energy itself. This results in lower heating bills, as the heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard as other systems to achieve similar results. Be aware, however, that prolonged sub-freezing temperatures can decrease the efficiency of the heat pump. Many heat pumps are supplemented by other systems in cold climates for this reason.

The second advantage is that of versatility. A heat pump system includes a valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. This reversing valve allows the heat pump to act as an air conditioner, as well as a heater. This not only saves you the space of installing a second forced air unit, it also saves you a sizeable amount of money. With the combined savings from both heating and air conditioning bills, the heat pump will eventually pay for itself.

If you are considering upgrading to a heat pump this fall, call Comfort Central, Inc. We install heat pumps throughout the Black Mountain region.

How a Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

It doesn’t take special training to know your thermostat is the instrument that tells your air conditioner to turn on and off. But, with recent technological advancements, today’s thermostats do much more than start or stop the cycling of your AC. Comfort Central, Inc. specializes in the installment, repair and replacement of thermostats, and we’ve seen first-hand how a new thermostat can positively affect air conditioning systems in Black Mountain, NC.

How Can a New Thermostat Affect Your AC?

A new thermostat has several benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – the precision of digital thermostats and the ability to program them make today’s thermostats much more energy efficient than thermostats from just a decade ago. Digital thermostats are precise, as opposed to slide or dial thermostats, and when you use a digital thermostat that is also programmable, you gain tremendous control over how, when and to what temperature you cool your home. Many times, this equates to the need for less operation of your AC and more efficient cooling, which can reduce your energy usage.
  • Ease of use – digital thermostats are easy to read and operate, and don’t need to be calibrated like mercury thermostats do.
  • Convenience – programmable thermostats allow you to set the cooling for a 7 day program you can loop, freeing you from the constant need to adjust it.

Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Thermostat

  • Age – if your thermostat is more than 10 years old, you could be missing out on significant energy efficiency savings.
  • Malfunction – is your thermostat constantly malfunctioning? This can cause your air conditioner to cycle on and off inconsistently, which contributes to wear and tear.
  • Constant need for repair – have you needed multiple repairs on your thermostat? At some point, your repair costs may be equal to the cost of a new thermostat.

Why Use a Professional?

Your thermostat is the control center for your air conditioner. If a new thermostat is installed improperly, it can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system in Black Mountain. If you are ready to upgrade your thermostat, call Comfort Central, Inc., today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation experts.

Do I Need a Furnace Repair if Different Areas in My Home Are Colder Than Others?

Monday, January 6th, 2014

It’s a fair question: do I need to schedule furnace repair if different areas in my home are colder than others? Usually, the answer is yes, though the problem might not involve your furnace depending on the nature of your home. Heating repair in Black Mountain, NC means addressing a large number of problems, so you can count on a reliable service to address the question for you. What, precisely is causing the issue? That depends on your system.

In some cases, the problem isn’t with the furnace at all, but rather with the specifics of your home. Warm air tends to rise, which means that the upper stories of the house are likely to be warmer than the lower stories. You might also experience the issue if one part of your home is uninsulated or contains less insulation than the rest of the house.

If the problem lies in the furnace, it likely lies somewhere in the distribution system, rather than the furnace itself. In some cases, a clog or a build-up of dirt in the system will restrict the air flow, which will make one room cooler than the others. A breach or leak in the duct system will create a similar problem, as warm air will leak out and slow the process of heating in the room itself. If you have a zone control system, then the problem may lie with whichever part of the system controls access to that room. In most cases, a qualified service technician can respond to such problems, and address them quickly in order to warm up the cooler part of the house

You might not need furnace repair if different areas in your home are colder than others, but calling a good service can still get to the root of the problem. Comfort Central, Inc. handles heating repair in Black Mountain, NC and other nearby communities, and our trained experts can hunt down the source of the problem once and for all for you. Pick up the phone today to make an appointment.

Hendersonville, NC Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Monday, June 10th, 2013

If you’re in the market for a new Hendersonville, NC air conditioning system, you may be surprised to learn of how many options you have to stay cool during the hot summer months. From tried and true central air to heat pumps and ductless mini split air conditioning systems, the selection process can seem daunting. But just as critical to choosing the right equipment is choosing the right AC contractor. In this post, we’d like to share with you some mistakes to avoid during the process. For excellent Hendersonville, NC air conditioning installation, call Comfort Central today!

  • Unprofessional installation: Amateur installation can result in various problems, but the single point to remember is that performance and energy efficiency will suffer as a result. Your AC is a large investment, so make sure it receives professional installation from a licensed contractor.
  • Incorrect size: Make sure that your AC matches the size of your home. This is a critical point in the cooling installation process. A good AC contractor will perform a comprehensive load calculation of your home so that the projected BTU and tonnage output of the AC matches the volume of space in your home. If your new AC is too small for the space, then it can lead to inadequate cooling and even unnecessary repair needs in the long term, principally due to the amount of increased wear and tear a small system endures. If your AC is too large, then problems such as short cycling and inefficient cooling will result. Your home may even end up being too cool!
  • Neglect: So you’ve just had your shiny new AC installed, and you probably think that’s that. However, neglecting the relatively simple routine maintenance tasks that should be done throughout the cooling season can lead to unnecessary repairs and even premature replacement. Scheduling a program of routine maintenance is the best way to keep your AC running well for years to come.

When you hire a AC contractor, you can rest assured that your home comfort will be taken care of. For comprehensive Hendersonville, NC air conditioning installation, call Comfort Central today!

Asheville, NC Air Conditioning FAQ: What is the Best Location for My Ductless AC’s Indoor Air Handler?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, then you may have heard of ductless mini split systems. They have long been used in Europe and Asia, as well as in commercial applications (such as hotels) throughout the US, but only recently have they made their way into the residential home. One of the decisions you will have to make during the installation of your ductless AC is where to put your ductless indoor air handler. This is a common concern, but it’s certainly not a problem. One of the great advantages of the ductless system is that you have some versatility with respect to the layout.

A ductless mini split air conditioner has a conventional outdoor condenser/compressor, the very same one used in standard central air designs. The indoor air handler/evaporator is unique, however. It is a sleek, compact device. It is shaped like a half-cylinder and it usually sits high on the wall of your living space, because cool air flows downward. It does everything that a standard indoor air handler does: it extracts warm air and sends cool air into the room. It connects to the outdoor unit by means of a group of refrigerant, drainage, and electrical lines that run through a relatively small hole.

Before deciding where to put your indoor air handlers, there are a couple of factors to consider. First, how many indoor air handlers do you have? A professional AC contractor will have determined how many BTUs and tons of cooling you need for your living space, and will have recommended one or possible two outdoor units, each of which can typically take up to 4 indoor air handlers. The next step in the process is dividing your home into zones. This will depend both on the design of your home as well as your custom cooling needs. You probably want an individual air handler unit in each of the bedrooms, as well as one for the living room and kitchen, respectively. It all depends on the particularities of your home. Make sure to consult with your installer to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

For more information about ductless mini split systems, call the Asheville, NC air conditioning technicians at Comfort Central today!

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality in Asheville, NC

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Many people think that pollution is only a problem outdoors. This could not be less true. In fact, there is a pretty good chance that the concentration of pollutants within your home is actually higher than it is outside. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can improve the quality of the air that your breathe in your Asheville, NC home. Call Comfort Central today to schedule the indoor air quality services you need to boost air quality in the place you live.

One major way that indoor air quality is reduced is due to ductwork that is in poor condition. If you use a forced air distribution system when heating and cooling your home, it is necessary to keep your air ducts in the best condition possible. Not only does this allow you to heat and cool your home more efficiently, saving money in the process; it also allows you to keep from circulating airborne pollutants throughout your entire home. If your air ducts are loose fitting or damaged it is possible for pollutants to be pulled into them then distributed throughout every room of your house. Professional duct sealing services can prevent this from occurring.

Improper humidity levels are another way in which air quality in your home can be compromised. Too much humidity can lead to uncomfortable, stuffy air, peeling paint or wallpaper and even the promotions of mildew and mold growth. If your air is to dry you may notice dry, itchy skin, splitting wooden fixtures and an increase in annoying electric shocks. Rather than use a portable humidifier or dehumidifier to address this issue, consider the installation of a whole house humidifier or dehumidifier in your home. This is a great, effective way to restore proper humidity levels throughout your house to improve indoor air quality.

Another way that you can keep unwanted pollutants out of your home is by improving insulation and air sealing your home. Contact us today for more information about these services. Boost energy efficiency while also keeping dirt, dander and allergens out of your home.

For more information about the great indoor air quality products and services available in your area, call Comfort Central today. We can help you boost air quality in your Asheville, NC home.