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Help: My AC Won’t Shut Off and There’s Ice on It!

Monday, May 30th, 2016

You may have heard that ice appearing on an air conditioning system is not a good sign… and it’s true. An air conditioner doesn’t use ice as part of the process of cooling down a home. What it actually does is use chemical refrigerant that moves through a process of evaporation and condensation to absorb heat from inside a house and exhaust it to the outside. If ice develops during this process, it means something has gone wrong that’s triggering water moisture to freeze along the evaporator coil. (more…)

The Dangers of Low Refrigerant in an Air Conditioning System

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

People often misunderstand the role of refrigerant (a.k.a. “Freon”) in an air conditioner. Refrigerant is not a type of fuel: an AC doesn’t use up its refrigerant as it runs the way that a car uses gasoline or a cell phone drains its electrical charge. Refrigerant remains at the same level in an air conditioner as it moves between liquid and gaseous states, absorbing heating through evaporation and then releasing it through condensation.


Why Is My Air Conditioning System Becoming Inefficient?

Monday, April 25th, 2016

As the season for air conditioning gets underway, make sure to take a close look at your electrical bills each month to see if the AC is maintaining its usual energy efficiency. If you notice bills rising steeply, you should call repair professionals to look into the problem. Below are some reasons that your AC might be losing its energy efficiency. (more…)

Why Is There Ice on My AC?

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Seeing ice buildup on certain parts of your air conditioning system may seem normal, especially if you feel the area that is covered in ice, because it will be very cold. But we can tell you without hesitation that this isn’t normal and is indicative of one of several problems with your air conditioning system. Scraping off the ice does not fix the problem because the ice is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. So what can cause ice to build on your air conditioner? Let’s take a look. (more…)

Air Conditioning Repair Guide: The Problem with Dirty Coils

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

There are two sets of coils in your air conditioning system: the condenser coils and the evaporator coils. Each set plays an important role in the heat release and cooling process. When something is wrong with the coils, it affects the refrigeration cycle, which can impact your whole system. The coils are intricate, and because refrigerant flows through them, it is important to hire trained professionals to handle any air conditioning repair in Arden, NC that involves your system’s coils. Comfort Central, Inc., technicians are here to help you with any AC repair need you may have, so don’t hesitate to call us.

What Are the Coils?

The coils in your air conditioning system are narrow, serpentine tubing made of copper covered by thin, metal fins. In the refrigerant cycle of your AC, the condenser coils release heat from hot, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant that flows into the condenser coils from the compressor. Conversely, when refrigerant flows into the evaporator coils, it is a cool, low-pressure gas that absorbs heat from your indoor air as provided by a return duct. The blower (fan) blows this warm air over the coils, where the heat is absorbed, and the resulting cool air is blown into your home through the ductwork.

How Does Dirt Affect Coils?

Through normal use, the coils in your air conditioner can become dirty. Dirt and dust cling to the coils, and if allowed to build, can create a layer that acts as insulation. Anything insulating the coils inhibits the correct operation of them: the condenser coils will not be able to properly release heat, and the evaporator coils will not be able to absorb heat. Once the refrigeration process is imbalanced, the entire operation of your system can be compromised.

Signs of Dirty Coils

There are a few key signs that you may have dirty coils:

  • Decrease in air flow
  • Increase in refrigerant pressure drop
  • Warm air blowing into your home
  • Strain on your compressor

Dirty coils can disrupt the operation of your air conditioner, or even lead to breakdown. The best way to keep your coils clean is with bi-annual maintenance. During any maintenance appointment, your coils are thoroughly inspected and cleaned of dust, dirt and debris. If you are seeing the signs that your coils may be dirty, call Comfort Central, Inc., for air conditioning repair in Arden, NC right away.

How Air Conditioning Repair May Result from Poor Installation

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

The money you think you’ll save with an inexperienced installer—or even trying to take on the work yourself—will vanish under a mound of repair bills from numerous calls to technicians to keep the AC working.

Start off right with your new air conditioning and contact the trained staff at Comfort Central, Inc. It’s vital that you have professionals handle installing a new air conditioning system for your home. This is not only because amateur installation risks leaving you with a cooling system that doesn’t work correctly (or may not work at all), but also because shoddy installation can lead to numerous unnecessary repair issues cropping up. We handle installation for many types of ACs, including ductless mini splits and high velocity systems. And should you need air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC, we have you covered there as well.

Here are some of the repair problems that may arise due to amateur AC installation:

Ineffectual and damaged condenser

The condenser is the outside unit of an air conditioner, and it needs a proper foundation and placement in order to do its job effectively. Poor installation can place a condenser where it cannot vent correctly, and this will lead to poor cooling. Worse, the condenser can pull in debris from a crowded region around it, leading to damage to the fan, compressor, and other components. Professionals will make sure the condenser is installed in a safe, clear location.

Electrical troubles

Most repair issues with air conditioners originate from the electrical systems. If the AC is not correctly connected to the house’s power system, it can lead to the air conditioner constantly tripping circuits or unable to draw sufficient power to run.

Damage through the air ducts

A central air conditioner connects to the ductwork of a home. If it is badly connected, it will lead to air leaks that will not only lower the cooling ability and a drop in airflow, but also allow dust and debris to enter the ductwork and find their way into the AC cabinet, where they can damage motors and other components.

Wrong refrigerant charge

Part of installing an air conditioner is to fill it with the right amount (“charge”) of chemical refrigerant. Amateur installation could result in a charge that is either too high or too low, and both will lead to serious problems throughout the AC, such as frozen coils and an overheated compressor.

It’s easy to avoid all these troubles, some of which can be costly to repair, by going to professionals in for the work in the first place. Comfort Central, Inc. will help you avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC with professional installation from trained technicians. We will see that you have the right cooling system, installed fast and right the first time. Give us a call today to schedule your next AC service appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Compressor Problems

Friday, April 18th, 2014

In towns like Hendersonville, air conditioning repair technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of problems. As reliable as air conditioners are, they are delicate and complicated pieces of equipment. When problems arise, they can come from any corner, and the nature of the problem often helps point the way towards the ultimate cause of that problem. Today, we’re going to take a look at one particular component and how it influences your air conditioning system. Here’s a quick air conditioning repair guide to compressor problems.

The compressor is a valve, usually located in the outside portion of the air conditioning unit. It helps “set up” the refrigerant gas for the cooling process by subjecting it to a great deal of pressure and heat. The heat is bled off, reducing the refrigerant to a liquid, which then moves to a series of evaporator coils that revert it back into a gas. (That cools the air around the coils, which can then be blown into your home.) It goes without saying that when the compressor runs into problems, the entire air conditioner can be rendered inoperative.

So what kinds of problems are associated with the compressor? If the compressor itself is faulty, your unit may “hard start,” which means it will turn on and off rapidly multiple times in a comparative short period. That places a considerable strain on individual components as well as wasting energy that can be better spent cooling your home. If the compressor can utilize the proper pressure, the refrigerant won’t be able to do its job and your cooling capacity will drop off severely. Electrical issues will cause you compressor to shut off completely, while an old compressor may overheat extremely easily.

All of these issues constitute a serious compressor problems, requiring the services of a trained professional to correct. Air conditioning repair and other AC service in Hendersonville can be conducted by the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. if you’re experiencing compressor problems, give us a call. We’ll fix the problem with speed and efficiency and get your air conditioner back up and running again as quickly as possible! Contact us today to schedule your next service appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair: Is the Thermostat the Problem?

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Here in Asheville, NC, air conditioning repair companies must deal with all manner of problems. Our summers can get quite hot and muggy and when an air conditioning unit goes on the fritz, it needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, the problem doesn’t lie with the air conditioning unit itself, but rather with the thermostat, which gauges the temperature in your home and allows you to control when the air conditioner turns on and off.

That can be a significant consideration when it comes to air conditioning repair: is the thermostat the problem?

Older thermostats used to rely on mercury switches to do their jobs, while most newer ones have electronic components. Regardless of the age or construction of the thermostat, however, problems with it tend to fall into a few well-defined categories. In most cases, a faulty thermostat either won’t turn on when you need it to, won’t turn off when it should, or will cycle the system on and off at inappropriate times. This could stem from misreading the temperature in the home, or from a problem with the relays controlling the air conditioning system. Most of the time, a faulty thermostat must be replaced by a new unit, though in some cases, the questionable component can be repaired.

An entirely different problem arises if the thermostat hasn’t been placed properly in your home. In these cases, the unit itself is working fine, but if it’s located in a drafty area or near a patch of sunlight, it will misread the temperature. The effect is similar to that of a malfunctioning thermostat, as it will turn the air conditioning on and off at inappropriate times. A repair technician will note the poor placement, however, and recommend that you move the thermostat to a spot that more accurately reflects the temperature in the house.

If the thermostat is the problem, then an air conditioning repair service needs to be able to pinpoint it and offer an effective solution. The good news is that here in Asheville, the air conditioning repair specialists at Comfort Central, Inc. can handle the problem. We pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

3 Common Problems Requiring Air Conditioning Repair in Hendersonville

Monday, September 16th, 2013

No one likes to consider the cost air conditioning repair, especially during the heat of summer when even a few hours without cool air can be a trial. In Hendersonville, NC, summer temperatures can be quite high, and if the air conditioning seems to be working at all, it may seem like a good idea to defer a repair rather than shut the unit down and call in an expert. In truth, however, the longer you delay, the more acute the problem can become, and what starts out as a minor issue can escalate into a more substantial repair cost. Here are three common problems requiring air conditioning repair.

  • Warm air: If the air blows warm, or doesn’t feel as cool as it once did, it means that something is likely out of whack in the cooling cycle. When refrigerant levels drop (usually because of a leak), the system labors harder to properly cool the air, and ice may develop on important components. A trained technician can not only recharge the refrigerant, but find and seal the leak so that the problem doesn’t repeat itself. Dirty coils can also cause inadequate cooling.
  • Low air flow: If the air conditioning unit is on, but the air flow is restricted, it could indicate a blockage in your ducts somewhere. The blower fan may also be malfunctioning and build up on an air filter might be restricting the air flow as well.
  • The AC unit will not turn on: There’s no more obvious sign of a problem than if the air conditioning unit itself will not turn on. Some of the components within the system, such as the compressor motor, have automatic shut-off switches that trigger when the component is overloaded or malfunctioning. It may also be an issue with frayed wiring or with the electrical system inside your house.

A trained technician can deal with all of these problems in an efficient and professional manner. In addition to repairs, a good service technician can also provide maintenance calls, cleaning components and performing other little steps to keep small problems from becoming large ones. For air conditioning repair in Hendersonville, NC, contact Comfort Central. We can handle repairs, installation and maintenance issues to keep you air conditioning systems running.

What are Some Common Air Conditioning Repair Needs in Asheville, NC?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

If it’s well-maintained, an air conditioning system should provide you with reliable service for a long time. Sooner or later, however, every piece of equipment needs servicing. In Asheville, NC, air conditioning repair becomes a big priority during the hot months, when temperatures soar and the humidity is staggering. Specific issues for AC units can vary widely, but you can familiarize yourself with a few of the more common air conditioning repair needs. That way, you’ll know what to look for when the time comes to call a service technician.

  • Dirt and debris: If an air conditioning system isn’t regularly maintained, dirt and dust can build up within it. The air filter can become clogged, which reduces air flow and interferes with efficiency. Dust in the ducts reduces indoor air quality, while dirt build-up on the evaporator coils causes problems with the cooling process. A regular maintenance visit can address these issues; otherwise, the neglect can result in more substantial problems very easily.
  • Low refrigerant: Refrigerant is supposed to function within a closed system, but leaks can develop and the levels can drop accordingly. You’ll notice it with the build-up of ice on the evaporator coils and elsewhere. A technician can pinpoint the source of the leak and seal it up before recharging the refrigerant.
  • Electrical contacts: Wires and other electrical components can fray and age with time. In some cases, that can translate to an overloaded component like the compressor motor. Most such components have safety switches that shut off the AC unit before more damage is caused. In any case, any electrical damage requires a visit from a service technician.
  • Drain issues: AC units have a condensate pan and drain line to collect and remove condensation (some have a drainage pump as well). When the line gets clogged or the drainage pan is incorrectly set, the condensation levels can rise and overflow, causing problems elsewhere in the air conditioning system. This is a particular concern in places like Asheville, NC which experience high humidity levels.

Whatever your air conditioning repair needs, it pays to contact an expert who will treat the issue with professionalism and care. The experts at Comfort Central are ready to help; give us a call today for Asheville air conditioning repair service.