Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Many homes in Asheville, NC have boilers, and their efficient use of hot water is an inexpensive and effective way to heat your home. If something goes wrong with your boiler, you want it fixed quickly. The sooner you can have the problem fixed, the less you’ll need to worry about and the better the chances of avoiding a more serious repair in the future. If you need boiler service in Asheville, give Comfort Central, Inc. a call.

Here are some signs you need boiler repair:

  • Leaking water. Water leaks can spring up anywhere along the system, but look for it most in either the central unit, or along any fittings or seals in the pipes. Dripping water or puddles of water make the most obvious sign, though not every leak produces drips. (In those cases, you can check the water pressure levels to see if they’re dropping.) Leaks not only impact how well your system is able to heat, but can also cause damage to your home, so call for repair at the first sign of trouble.
  • Slow heating. If the boiler takes longer to heat up the home than you’d expect, there could be a problem with the burners. Or it may indicate that mineral deposits have built up in the boiler, forming an insulating layer between the water itself and the burners. Either way, it means that your boiler is undergoing more stress and strain than it should, and that the situation needs correcting before the problem becomes serious.
  • Noises. Strange noises often indicate mineral build-up in the boiler, as issues with water pressure. If could also indicate components under strain, struggling to do their job the way they should. If you boiler keeps making an unusual noise, be sure to make a note of where it seems to be coming from and how often it happens. This can help your heating technician more easily diagnose the issue.

If you spot signs that you need boiler repair, you shouldn’t delay. The longer you let a small problem fester, then better chance it has of turning into a big problem. Instead, contact the Asheville boiler repair professionals at Comfort Central, Inc. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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